Most drama movie mistakes of 1992

1Basic Instinct pictureBasic Instinct (1992)71
2Dracula pictureDracula (1992)68
3Under Siege pictureUnder Siege (1992)40
4Universal Soldier pictureUniversal Soldier (1992)40
5Reservoir Dogs pictureReservoir Dogs (1992)37
6Newsies pictureNewsies (1992)33
7A League Of Their Own pictureA League Of Their Own (1992)32
8A Few Good Men pictureA Few Good Men (1992)30
9The Bodyguard pictureThe Bodyguard (1992)29
10White Men Can't Jump pictureWhite Men Can't Jump (1992)22
11Forever Young pictureForever Young (1992)18
12Scent of a Woman pictureScent of a Woman (1992)13
13The Hand that Rocks the Cradle pictureThe Hand that Rocks the Cradle (1992)12
14Far and Away pictureFar and Away (1992)12
15Unforgiven pictureUnforgiven (1992)11
16School Ties pictureSchool Ties (1992)11
17The Mighty Ducks pictureThe Mighty Ducks (1992)11
18Candyman pictureCandyman (1992)11
19The Cutting Edge pictureThe Cutting Edge (1992)9
20Hoffa pictureHoffa (1992)7
21Glengarry Glen Ross pictureGlengarry Glen Ross (1992)7
22Juice pictureJuice (1992)7
23The Player pictureThe Player (1992)7
24Single White Female pictureSingle White Female (1992)7
25Radio Flyer pictureRadio Flyer (1992)7
26The Babe pictureThe Babe (1992)6
27Shining Through pictureShining Through (1992)6
28Rapid Fire pictureRapid Fire (1992)6
29Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation pictureTiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation (1992)6
301492: Conquest of Paradise picture1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992)4
31Singles pictureSingles (1992)4
32The Crying Game pictureThe Crying Game (1992)4
33Chaplin pictureChaplin (1992)4
34A River Runs Through It pictureA River Runs Through It (1992)3
35Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me pictureTwin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)3
36Lorenzo's Oil pictureLorenzo's Oil (1992)3
37Malcolm X pictureMalcolm X (1992)3
38Strictly Ballroom pictureStrictly Ballroom (1992)3
39Aces: Iron Eagle III pictureAces: Iron Eagle III (1992)3
40American Me pictureAmerican Me (1992)2
41Diggstown pictureDiggstown (1992)2
42Final Analysis pictureFinal Analysis (1992)2
43Romper Stomper pictureRomper Stomper (1992)2
44Of Mice and Men pictureOf Mice and Men (1992)2
45Unlawful Entry pictureUnlawful Entry (1992)2
46Article 99 pictureArticle 99 (1992)2
47Prelude to a Kiss picturePrelude to a Kiss (1992)1
48Howards End pictureHowards End (1992)1
49Andy (1992)1
50Passion Fish picturePassion Fish (1992)1
51South Central pictureSouth Central (1992)1
52Pure Country picturePure Country (1992)1
53City of Joy pictureCity of Joy (1992)1
54The Mambo Kings pictureThe Mambo Kings (1992)1
55Peter's Friends picturePeter's Friends (1992)1

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