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11th Dec 2002

What Lies Beneath (2000)

Corrected entry: Norman places his call to 911 to report information about the missing girl, but actually dials directory assistance at 411, and tells them about the missing person. Any self-respecting 411 operator, hearing what he heard, would have sent the police to Norman's house anyway.

Correction: Nope. You hear a person say what city when Claire hits redial.

Amy Emerick Tice

Correction: Norman was talking to a machine, not an operator.

29th Apr 2003

Pretty Woman (1990)

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film, Vivian, (whose face we haven't seen yet) colors in her boots with a black marker held in her right hand. Near the end of the film, as Vivian is getting ready to leave the hotel and she's signing the papers, she uses her left hand. Julia Roberts is, in fact, left handed, as opposed to the stand-in used in the initial shot.

Correction: Julia Roberts is left-handed but its quite possible for Vivian to be ambidextrous.

Correction: Quick google check says she's left-handed not ambidextrous. This entry shouldn't be corrected.

Amy Emerick Tice

Whether Julia Roberts is left-handed is irrelevant. Her character could still be ambidextrous.

Other mistake: Where were the crime scene people? Jessica goes to her mom's house and her friend from the diner is cleaning up the blood? Highly unlikely.

Amy Emerick Tice

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Suggested correction: We don't know how much time has passed since she was killed. Crime scene people would have come and gone. And what's wrong with her friend cleaning up the blood? She's just being a good friend.


I highly doubt in a murder scene the police would make you clean it up! Think about that.

Amy Emerick Tice

That's absolutely what happens: Once evidence is dealt with, everything left isn't the responsibility of the police to clean up. Most people would hire cleaners rather than do such an unpleasant job themselves, but it's the responsibility of the property owners to clean.

That's just your opinion. Unless you know police procedure in every state then you can't make that assumption.


26th Nov 2020

Sons of Anarchy (2008)

Huang Wu - S6-E10

Factual error: When Tara goes into her office there's dried blood on the carpet from her faked miscarriage. Considering it's a bio hazard that happened days ago it would've been cleaned up and sanitized since it's a hospital.

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Suggested correction: The blood is on carpet which is very difficult to clean as it's such an absorbent material. The carpet will keep the stain, but as long as it has been thoroughly sanitised there is no issue here. Yes, the carpet could have been replaced, but hospitals don't generally keep spare carpets laying about. Plus the fact that her office isn't a treatment area, there isn't much of a hazard anyway.

Doctor's office with a blood stain on the carpet? Highly unlikely.

Amy Emerick Tice

Highly unlikely doesn't make it a mistake.

21st Feb 2015

Sons of Anarchy (2008)

Gilead - S2-E7

Revealing mistake: When Opie breaks in to the lady's car at the store, he uses a tool that slides in between the door to pop up the lock. You can plainly see the door isn't locked in the first place.

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Suggested correction: Opie was in a hurry and didn't check the door isn't locked. Not a mistake.

He used the tool to pop the lock that wasn't locked in the first place.

Amy Emerick Tice

27th Aug 2001

Liar Liar (1997)

Corrected entry: After Fletcher writes BLUE all over his face, he wraps his head in a towel and magically his face is clean again, but just moments before, when he was talking to his secretary, we saw him scrubbing his face with water and he could not get the ink off. That must have been some towel.

Correction: The ink is still on his face, but it's a quick shot. Pause it when he brings the towel down and you'll see it there.

Mistakes aren't valid if they can only be seen by pausing. Perfectly OK to pause to verify something isn't a mistake.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sue Ellen goes into Kenny's room in a towel, she calls him a "stupid punk", but her mouth says something different.

Correction: If you are watching the television version, it is probably dubbed to block the curse she uses. I believe she calls him some derogatory name.

Peggy Turns 300 - S4-E19

Plot hole: In this episode Al is about to break Puggy Weaver's record. Peg decides to bowl and scores a perfect score of 300. Problem is Peg is a horrible bowler, as seen in season 2 episode 9. She never bowls with Al or even enjoys bowling, so this episode really makes no sense.

Amy Emerick Tice

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Suggested correction: This is not a plot hole, but a plot point. Yes, Peg is a horrible bowler, but it's typical Al Bundy luck that his wife would be able to put together a perfect game no matter how unlikely.

ctown28 Premium member

So this one and only episode she scores a perfect game? Highly unlikely. Oh and she's wearing a long evening dress too which would make it difficult to bowl. So this episode makes no sense.

Amy Emerick Tice

It is a comedy, so having all those "strikes" against her, she still managed to bowl a perfect game - leaving Al hopeless and hapless.


It makes perfect sense. In the world of the show, the universe is out to screw Al over. The worst that can possibly happen to him will happen no matter how unlikely.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the finale, Jessica runs over to Jason from behind and she stabs him in the heart with the dagger. Then Jason lashes back and hits Jessica, and she goes flying backwards. Absolutely anyone can see the large blue crash mat that she lands on. (01:20:25)

Hamster Premium member

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Suggested correction: I see it obviously in the still frame here but where is it in the film? Just watched it and didn't see a blue crash mat at all. Even paused it.

Amy Emerick Tice

4th Aug 2013

Halloween 4 (1988)

Character mistake: As we know throughout this movie series, Michael's middle name is Audrey. However when the doctor is typing Michael's release form, he types his middle initial as "M".

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Suggested correction: Michael's middle name is only mentioned in an additional scene that was added to the television version of the original Halloween. If going by the theatrical versions Michael's middle name was never known, so not really a mistake.

Doctors at a sanatorium would certainly know Michael's middle name. It's been on file for decades.

Amy Emerick Tice

8th Nov 2009

Dirty Dancing (1987)

Corrected entry: When Baby goes to the golf coarse to ask her dad for money, her red and white shirt has long sleeves, but when she shows up to give the money to Penny, the same shirt is sleeveless.

Correction: Golf course is in the day, the dance club is at night. Plenty of time for her to change into another shirt.

That makes no sense. If it's the same shirt, then there's no error. If it's an otherwise-identical shirt but sleeveless, it's a different shirt, and there was plenty of time between the daytime golf game and the club at night for her to change. The fact she changed into a sleeveless version of a long-sleeved shirt doesn't make it an error.

17th Dec 2007

The Sopranos (1999)

Knight in White Satin Armor - S2-E12

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Janice is trying on her wedding gown with Carmela, her tattoo is gone. However, in all the other shots, her tattoo is above her cleavage line, between her boobs. It's nowhere to be seen in the wedding dress shots.

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Suggested correction: Actually, her tattoo is visible. The style of the wedding dress she had on was obviously chosen for the way that it NEARLY covered up the tattoo. It is easily seen if your eyes are not glued to her cleavage near the 19 minute mark.

Sorry. There is no way her tattoo is covered up. I looked at the prior engagement party scene and jumped to the wedding dress, this is an error. There is no covering it up.

The tattoo is there and it is definitely covered up. Look at her right boob, not left, since we are seeing a reflection of her in the mirror, and you'll find that tattoo all right.

Suggested correction: Actually there is more than one shot where you can't see the tattoo at all. It depends on the angle. In most shots the top of the tattoo is always visible and in others it's not at all.

Amy Emerick Tice

2nd May 2006

The Sopranos (1999)

Proshai, Livushka - S3-E2

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the episode, when everybody is gathered at the Sopranos house, Tony opens a door which has a mirror on it. Watch closely as he is opening it, you can see Pussy in the reflection even though he was killed in Season 2.

Correction: This is not a mistake, but a plot point. Tony feels some remorse about having to kill Pussy, so he sees him in the mirror. He is not really there.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: Exactly. He feels bad for killing him. He says you were like a brother to me. To all of us, before he shot him.

Amy Emerick Tice

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Suggested correction: Steve is the bank manager and is closing up for the day. There is also a security guard sitting right by the door. And he has to unlock the door to let Al in. No mistake here.

Amy Emerick Tice

The mistake is about leaving the vault door wide open instead of closing it. Not about Steve needing to unlock the front door to let Al in.

My point is Steve is closing the bank with a security guard there and the door is locked. So what if the vault is open? Steve just hasn't closed it yet.

Amy Emerick Tice

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Suggested correction: Depending on the bar all you need is a diploma or GED and be old enough per the state's laws.

Amy Emerick Tice

4th May 2017

Sons of Anarchy (2008)

To Be, Act 1 - S4-E13

Character mistake: The nurse that was helping the doctor tend to Clay has blood all over her gloves. As she leaves the room, she takes off one glove. No hospital anywhere would allow doctors or nurses to roam the hall with bloody gloves and hands. It's a health hazard.

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Suggested correction: She leaves the room with both gloves on. Anyway, this can't be classed as a mistake because you don't see her at all after she goes through the door. She may have taken them off, off camera, as soon as she exited.

But a nurse wouldn't leave the room with them on, even if she took them off in the hall right away.


No doctor or nurse leaves the operating room with bloody gloves on! Come on.

Amy Emerick Tice

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