The Amityville Horror

Corrected entry: When Father Bohlen leaves the detective and walks to his car, a crew member in a checked shirt appears behind a bush, attempting to get out of the shot.

Correction: The man in the checked shirt looks to be an extra, a maintenance man working and what he's gathering is an hose pipe. He isn't trying to get out of shot, he is taking his time gathering the hose.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, during "the last night", we see that the tree smashes through one of the windows in the attic. Later, when George returns to the house to get the dog, there's an outside shot where both windows are intact. (The famous windows are not on both sides of the house. Only the side facing the water).

Correction: Windows are on both sides. It can be hard to tell though. It just mostly shows the one facing the lake.

Corrected entry: When there is the shot of the basement door straining on its hinges to open, it is visible that there is no latch on the edge of the door to break out the jamb, or to even hold the door shut.

Correction: While it looks like you're seeing the door straining against a latch that isn't there, what you're actually seeing is the door frame being separated from the wall by the latch. The door is closed and latched and it's the latch that's causing the frame to bulge out like that. Thus, you wouldn't be able to see the latch, since it's "buried" in the frame. Later, after the door has burst open and the cop has arrived and is investigating, the door frame is splintered and loose from the wall.

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