The Amityville Horror
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George: What do you think?
Kathy Lutz: I love it. But, honey... Eighty thousand dollars? It may as well be eight hundred thousand dollars.

Kathy Lutz: What's going on? Have you all gone mad? George.

Amy: Jody doesn't like George.

Amy: I wanna go home. Mommy, I wanna go home.

Kathy Lutz: She was shot in the head.

Kathy Lutz: I just wish that... all those people hadn't died here. I mean... ugh! A guy kills his whole family. Doesn't that bother you?
George: Well, sure, but... houses don't have memories.

The House: GET OUT.

Father Delaney: Oh, Lord.

Father Delaney: God's peace in this house.

Revealing mistake: You can see Jackie's knuckles are already bloody BEFORE she starts pounding on the closet door.

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Trivia: When James Brolin was offered the role of George Lutz, he was informed that they didn't have a script to give him. James bought a copy of the novel and began to read it. At two o'clock in the morning, while reading a very intense part of the book, a pair of pants that he had hung up earlier fell to the ground causing him to jump in fright. After that, James agreed to do the film.

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