The Amityville Horror

On the final night, Kathy returns home to find George with an axe, apparently insane or possessed. She hides the children in the bathroom and confronts George, briefly taking on the appearance of an elderly woman. After calming George, the family begins to leave, but the stairs are slippery and difficult to descend because the walls have started to bleed. Once they get out of the house, they realize they forgot their dog, Harry. George runs back into the house to get him, and falls into a pit of black slime in the basement. Harry helps pull him out and they escape along with the rest of the family, never returning.

Patwell James

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In the scene where the two priests are driving to the Lutz house and the car goes out of control, they alternate between shots of Rod Steiger and Don Stroud. The car's windows switch between closed and open in various shots.



When James Brolin was offered the role of George Lutz, he was informed that they didn't have a script to give him. James bought a copy of the novel and began to read it. At two o'clock in the morning, while reading a very intense part of the book, a pair of pants that he had hung up earlier fell to the ground causing him to jump in fright. After that, James agreed to do the film.