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Corrected entry: Michael throws Dr. Loomis out a window which surely would have killed him, but he shows up near the end at the Carruthers house perfectly fine (albeit with cuts on his face).


Correction: Since when in Hollywood has being thrown through a window killed a person (assuming not a multi story fall). Even in real life people occasionally walk away largely un-injured from accidents that they SHOULD have been largely damaged by.


Corrected entry: At the very beginning of Halloween 4 when Michael is on the stretcher, several times we see his arm and hand and it appears completely normal. This seems near impossible (even after 10 years, of which no time and/or any surgeries could ever repair) given that Michael was not only burned but completely incinerated in fire at the end of Halloween 2.

Correction: Michael Myers has been shown to have super natural type powers during this entire series.


Corrected entry: During the scene when Loomis and the others arrive at the Sheriff's home, when Loomis opens the car door, you can see the reflection of a stepladder in the car window, obviously used by the film crew.

Correction: We don't know it's obviously from the film crew. I've got a stepladder that's been standing outside my shop for at least six months, and I haven't used it all this time. Sometimes things are just left where they are if they're not required.

Corrected entry: Dr. Loomis says to Hoffman that Haddonfield is a 4 hour drive, but when he's trying to get a ride there ultimately with the Reverend the sign says Haddonfield is 119 miles, which wouldn't take 4 hours.


Correction: And we don't know how far he's traveled since he gave his estimated time.


Correction: As we have seen throughout the series, Michael has the supernatural ability to heal. His blinding in Halloween 2 was only temporary. And lets not forget that he was also burnt to a crisp in that film, but shows little sign of that here.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: When Jamie is in the store, she finds a red and white striped clown costume. It shows her looking in the mirror and she sees a young Michael Myers in the same style costume, but in the original Halloween, Michael's clown costume had more colours on it.

cameron davies

Correction: It doesn't necessarily have to be a reflection of Michael's costume. I think the intent was to show the link between the two. She changes to him, but none of the other surroundings change. The link is helped by the fact that she willingly chose the clown suit. But it doesn't have to be the same one.


Corrected entry: When Loomis and the sheriff are surrounded by the teens dressed like Michael Myers, Sheriff Meeker say's "If I catch you it's a weekend in jail" indicating that it's a Friday. Halloween was actually on a Monday in 1988.

Correction: Doesn't necessarily indicate it was a Friday. He was dealing with teens and they go to school throughout the week. He has the ability to choose to put them in jail over the weekend so they could go to classes or even make arrangements with employers if they have part time jobs. Also, missing out on a weekend would be very upsetting to a teen. It kind of works like Saturday detention. Barring that, it could simply be an empty threat to put some fear into them. He is the sheriff, so he could make any threat he wanted to to get them to behave.


Corrected entry: How can Jamie have nightmares about her uncle if she never met him, for that matter never seen him in his Halloween outfit?

Correction: This is not a plot hole. In fact, this idea is integral to the plot of this overlooked horror movie. Jaime and Michael Myers are have a psychic link. This is how he finds her. This is how he is ever even aware of her.

Correction: Not only the psychic link applies, though. Michael's exploits are legendary in the town, and Jamie may have seen pictures of him in the newspaper or on television. The kids at school that tease her at one point refer to her uncle as the Boogeyman and may have described him to her, so her knowing what he looks like is plausible.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when the orderly is escorting the two doctors up to take Michael away, he talks to them about the happenings of ten years earlier, and tells them that Michael's doctor (Loomis) even shot him 6 times. That really is inaccurate, considering at the end of Halloween 2 right after Michael walks right through the glass doors at the hospital, Loomis fires off another 5 rounds at Michael, hitting him at least 4 more times.

Correction: Maybe the orderly just didn't know. Character mistake.

Corrected entry: At the very end of the film when Meeker and the 4-5 other state troopers are gunning down Michael, it is very clear that half the shots or more fired by the troopers aren't even hitting Michael, in fact they are WAY OFF. Now we must take into consideration that this is a movie, plus, shots will miss when that many are fired, but in reality, Michael wasn't that far away, and real state troopers are trained to have near pin-point accuracy for situations like this, and therefor should have nailed about 98% of their shots.

Correction: My brother in law is in the RCMP, and has extensive firearm training. Even with all the training, there is a huge difference between shooting a paper target, and shooting a human being. The news often has reports of shootings where the police hit the person maybe 4 or 5 times, but there were over 40 0r 50 shots fired. My brother in law tells me a 98% accuracy rating is unheard of, most people in a stressful situation don't even hit a non moving paper target that often.

Corrected entry: Dr. Loomis told the sheriff that he has seen 6 bodies on his way to Haddonfield. In actuality, there were only 5. The ambulance had 4 people INCLUDING Michael, so only 3 bodies there. In the gas station, there are only two. So where is the 6th body?

Correction: Not true. There are two paramedics driving in the front of the ambulance and two doctors in the back with Meyers. They, plus the two killed in the gas station equals six.

Correction: No, the cop tells Loomis there were 4 people in the ambulance, plus Myers. Add the two bodies in the diner, that's six.

Corrected entry: Kelly makes coffee. When she brings it to the deputy sitting by the door, the cups are steaming. Yet when Rachel comes in the room a minute later, they aren't steaming. (01:04:10 - 01:05:10)

Correction: I think it is quite obvious that it was more than a minute between the time that Kelly Meeker brings in coffee to the deputy and the time that Rachel enters. Michael would have had to have had time to murder Kelly without Rachel hearing. So the coffee would have had time to cool.

Except Michael hadn't killed Kelly yet. Kelly was the one that found the deputy dead, then Michael kills her.


Corrected entry: When Loomis goes to the gas station, he finds the mechanic and the waitress dead. Obviously Michael killed everyone who worked there. So whose cigarette was still burning in the ashtray when Loomis was confronting Michael?

Correction: It most likely it belonged to the waitress, but there are other possibilities. Michael killed two people there that we see, both workers, and one of them was the mechanic while working in the garage. If he only killed those two, it therefore belongs to the waitress. We don't know how much time passed between her murder and Dr. Loomis arriving, so the cigarette may not be completely burned yet. The waitress may have been smoking on a break while waiting for someone to come in. At that point in the 1980's it was common to smoke in the workplace and public places, and she would have had to be available quickly if a customer came in. In addition, Loomis says that he saw only saw two bodies there, but there may have been more he didn't see. For example, when we first saw the mechanic when Michael arrived, he called out someone's name and asked him to hand him something. It was also a diner, so there may have been a cook that he didn't see. It's also possible that there may have been a customer waiting for their car to be repaired (the mechanic was working on a vehicle), but they might have been killed in the bathroom or another location and Loomis didn't see them. So, in essence, it could have been anyone's cigarette.

Corrected entry: When Michael is being put in the ambulance, only the woman gets in. When they start to drive off the man is seen sitting in front of Michael.

Correction: If you look carefully, he went in on the side of the ambulance.


Corrected entry: Michael kills the mechanic for his overalls with a metal pole through the chest, but there is no blood or hole in the overalls when Michael is wearing them.


Correction: There was a scene filmed but cut, where Michael stabs the mechanic through the throat with the metal pole but since we don't see him stabbing the mechanic through the throat you'll just have to assume Michael did stab him there when Dr. Loomis discovers his body he's wrapped up in chains one of them wrapping around his entire neck.


Corrected entry: Myers got a coat hanger completely rammed into his left eye in the first movie and then shot in both eyes in the second movie, how is he able to see in this movie? He was blown up after that and his face burned horribly, he can't just grow new eyes in a burned skull while in a "10 year" coma. The doctors had no reason to implant eyes, even if they could do it back then, how can he see anything?

Correction: Myers is very well-known to regenerate even from injuries like that. Obviously, it didn't make him go blind but nothing is saying that his vision is as good as it was before he got those injuries.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Loomis and Sheriff Meeker are scared by the Halloween pranksters with Myers masks on, as soon as they pull out and Meeker starts talking on the radio, there is a car parked behind them. Then the camera pulls out and shows Michael Myers standing behind them, notice the car on the left is gone.

Correction: The car in this scene is not gone, in fact it's still in the same place. In this scene they shoot from both sides of the street. As Meeker pulls away, he heads in the opposite direction to which Myers faces 2 seconds later. The car never moves. (Note the steps at the sidewalk.)

Correction: Already listed in another mistake, along with an explanation of why it happened.


Revealing mistake: When the guys are driving down the road, you can see Michael isn't under the truck. Yet 2 minutes later, he climbs in the bed. (01:16:25 - 01:18:10)

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Dr. Loomis: I need to speak with Sheriff Brackett.
Deputy Pierce: Well, then you'll have to travel about three-thousand miles south of here.
Dr. Loomis: What?
Deputy Pierce: Brackett retired in '81. He went to St. Petersburg.

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Trivia: The guard at the beginning says that Michael killed 16 people, we only see Michael officially kill 14 people in parts 1 & 2, which means there are two more victims we never see.


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Question: How were Rachel and Jamie able to make the connection that Michael was Jamie's uncle?

Answer: It's never explained who told Jamie of her murderous uncle, but Jamie is mocked and made fun of by her classmates for being related to the infamous Michael Myers. She could have been told by her adoptive family, classmates, neighbors, etc, but the movie never provides any definitive answers.

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