Michael Albert

19th Oct 2015

Law & Order (1990)

Benevolence - S3-E22

Character mistake: When the focus of an investigation of the murder of a deaf woman turns from a deaf activist named Paul Crandall, to Gordon Bryce, the hearing director of an institute for the deaf, Ben Stone instructs Mr. Robinette to "tell Crandall's attorney we're dismissing the charges against his client." However, Crandall's attorney, seen earlier in a scene with Stone and Robinette, was actually a woman, played by Camryn Manheim.

Michael Albert

9th Jan 2015

Will & Grace (1998)

No Sex 'N' The City - S6-E19

Character mistake: When talking to Will on the phone, Grace misuses the term "pied-à-terre" (which means "apartment" in French) instead of "pas de deux" (a dance for two) while describing the delicate and complex nature of a relationship between two gay men. When Will points out her error, she says she knows what pied-à-terre means because she took Spanish in high school. However, in season 1, episode 20 ("Saving Grace"), Grace correctly and easily used the term pied-à-terre while showing her sample book to a potential client.

Michael Albert

22nd Oct 2014

Resurrection (2014)

Old Scars - S2-E4

Character mistake: At the end of the scene in the grocery store when Rachel collapses and people run to her aid, the camera pans out to reveal a sign that prominently reveals a sale on "Pop Tards" or possibly "Pop Taros."

Michael Albert

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