Michael Albert

Corrected entry: Player Helen Haley has an American accent all the way through the film. However, at the reunion, the actress playing older Helen says, "it's doctor Haley now. I'm a doctor!" with a European accent.

Michael Albert

Correction: So she's spent a significant amount of time abroad. My wife teases me for picking up an Irish accent after hanging out with an Irish friend for a few hours.

Phixius Premium member

15th Sep 2014

Dave (1993)

Corrected entry: When Bob Alexander and Alan Reed run into Tip O'Neill on the street, they refer to him as "Mr. Speaker." However, later in the film, at the joint session of Congress, the Speaker of the House is not Mr. O'Neill, but an actor.

Michael Albert

Correction: Tip O'Neill had already long-since retired by the time this film came out - calling him "Mr. Speaker" is just a mark of respect, the same way past presidents are still referred to as "Mr. President."

Jon Sandys Premium member

Corrected entry: At the last supper, the Passover menorah used has seven candles (six candles plus a "shamash," the center candle use to light the others) An actual menorah should have nine candles (eight for the eight nights of Passover, plus the shamash).

Michael Albert

Correction: This entry is wrong. A menorah (any menorah) has seven branches. The candelabra with nine branches is properly called a Hanukkiah, and is used only for Hanukkah, not for Passover or any other time.


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