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Correction: When there is a vacancy in the office of Vice President, the President nominates an individual as Vice President, upon approval of Congress. There isn't a Vice President line of succession.


Corrected entry: After the all night session with his accountant friend, the next scene shows Dave having a meeting with the cabinet to cut the $650 million. Then he is out in front of the White House in the early morning light saying goodbye to his friend. Those scenes got switched in editing unless the cabinet meeting was held pre-dawn. (00:58:50)

Correction: I had always assumed Murray Blum spent the night in the White House.

Michael Albert

Corrected entry: When Dave and the First Lady address the press from the White House balcony, Alan and Bob keep prompting him what to say. As the First Lady was standing right next to him she should have overheard this and get suspicious which, as she told him later during their escape, happened only when they were going to the homeless children's shelter together and he stared at her bare knee. (00:34:25 - 01:06:25)


Correction: During the balcony address, the First Lady is furious with the President. She is probably also quite used to Bob Alexander and Alan Reed feeding the President lines in awkward situations. While this probably seemed a little absurd to her, she was probably too incensed to care more than rolling her eyes and walking out. At that point, she had absolutely no reason to believe the President was an impostor, so the idea probably didn't even occur to her at that point, until she witnessed all of his subsequent uncharacteristic behavior, and began to put things together.

Michael Albert

Corrected entry: When Bob Alexander and Alan Reed run into Tip O'Neill on the street, they refer to him as "Mr. Speaker." However, later in the film, at the joint session of Congress, the Speaker of the House is not Mr. O'Neill, but an actor.

Michael Albert

Correction: Tip O'Neill had already long-since retired by the time this film came out - calling him "Mr. Speaker" is just a mark of respect, the same way past presidents are still referred to as "Mr. President."

Jon Sandys

Corrected entry: Dave is watching Jay Leno but you can see the Grandfather clock on the wall, and it's not time for Leno. (01:25:50)

Correction: I would think that the President just might have access to a VCR.

Corrected entry: When the tour guide is leading the group through the White House, she says that 42 presidents have occupied it. However, when Vice President Nance is sworn-in, the newscaster in the background says he is becoming the 45th US president.

Correction: George Washington never lived in the White House--it was first occupied in 1800 by John Adams. Grover Cleveland was president twice in non-consecutive terms, counting as both the 22nd and 24th President. So the tour guide's statement is accurate because even though there had been 44 presidencies, only 42 men had actually resided in the White House as president.


Corrected entry: As Bob is walking out of the car to make his speech about President Mitchell there is a group of visible people standing across the street watching the scene being filmed.

Correction: If the Chief of Staff for the president began making a speech in front of reporters, it's likely many people would stop and watch.

Corrected entry: Dave gets briefed by Bob Alexander and Alan Reed about the basic aspects of a President's routine. They use all kinds of fancy tools, such as life-size cut-outs of the staff members. How on earth did they manage to get those made and brought into the staff meeting room without anyone noticing, as they (and Duane) were the only ones close to the President who knew about Dave's identity? (00:30:40)


Correction: It's likely they would have the cutouts around for various reasons, like seating arrangements, etc. As for how they would get all of that into the room, they could simply tell the staff the president wanted to practice some speaches and wanted to have visual references.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when the president lands in the helicopter, the shots go back and forth between the rotors spinning, and the rotors stopped. (00:02:10)

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Trivia: Director Oliver Stone has a cameo as the man who tries to convince the reporter that the president is not the same man as he used to be.

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