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Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when the president lands in the helicopter, the shots go back and forth between the rotors spinning, and the rotors stopped. (00:02:10)

Continuity mistake: After the President supposedly has his 2nd stroke, he is rushed to the hospital in daylight, yet he arrives at night time. (01:35:15)

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film, Dave Kovic addresses Congress, just before he has his "second stroke." The camera often shows the congressman in their seats, as well as shots which show the balcony, where spectators and the press sit. If you watch closely you'll note that in some shots the balcony is jammed packed with people and in others it is completely empty. (01:31:20)

Factual error: In the beginning, when the President and First Lady disembark Marine One and walk toward the White House, you see the White House. The problem is that it's a set and only the center of it appears. The East and West portion of the main mansion are just sunny blue skies. (00:01:50)

Continuity mistake: When Dave is taken to the Oval Office for the first time the items on the President's desk shift around from shot to shot, especially noticeably a little glass paperweight. (00:19:20)


Continuity mistake: Duane and his Secret Service colleague wait for Dave at his home to ask him to double for the President. When Dave sees them as he comes out of the kitchen he has a bottle in his left hand. When the camera angle changes the bottle is gone but reappears in the next shot. (00:08:00)


Factual error: When the real president is shown in a coma in the White House basement, he is on a ventilator (a breathing machine). Ventilators require that the patient be intubated (a tube placed into their windpipe) and cannot work with an oxygen facemask which the president has. (01:02:40)

Continuity mistake: In the last scene Dave is giving a speech to both houses of congress, yet he is speaking in the Senate chamber. There is not enough room in the Senate chamber to do a presentation to a joint session of congress. It is always done in the house chamber. [This scene was filmed in the State Capitol Building in one contributor's hometown of Richmond, Virginia. The set was actually the Chamber of the House of Delegates (the local version of the House of Representatives). The unfortunate thing is that it strongly resembles the United States Senate Chambers, so I can understand the confusion. BTW, the full/empty gallery scenes were a mistake. Most of the scene was shot during the day with plenty of extras on hand (including yours truly), but they had to do reshoots a few weeks later. The only problem was that the Legislature was in session, and the shots had to be done at night.] (01:30:15)

Other mistake: When the real First Lady and the fake President emerge from the secret passageway leading to the fountain, there is an extremely bad process shot of the White House, which jumps visibly. (01:06:10)

Continuity mistake: When the First Lady joins Dave while he is playing with the horse race game they sit down on the far ends of the sofa with at least a meter between them. When we see them from behind they are sitting right next to each other. (01:00:25)


Continuity mistake: When Dave is examined on his bed by a doctor he is rested first against two, later against only one large pillow. (00:26:45)


Continuity mistake: When Dave is thanking his friend the accountant for his help, he puts his hand on the car and when the camera angle changes to a wide shot, his hand is no longer on the car. (00:59:10)


Continuity mistake: After Bob Alexander exposes Mitchell's frauds, Dave and the First Lady have a working lunch with staff members. When they arrive she is wearing a red dress, which has turned into a cream colored dress when she sits down to eat. (01:25:15)


Continuity mistake: When Dave and the First Lady escape from the White House, you can see that she is holding a bag of groceries before they get to the grocery store. (01:07:00)

Factual error: At the beginning when Dave is imitating the president in the car dealership commercial, he's talking about the specials on the Geo Storm and Geo Storm convertibles. Geo never made a Storm convertible. The only convertible car sold under the Geo nameplate was a convertible version of the Geo Metro, based on the Suzuki Swift.

Continuity mistake: When Dave is under the shower and the First Lady talks to him the handles change positions many times during the scene. (00:47:55)


Continuity mistake: While Dave talks to VP Nance he puts the bead chain down and it gets scattered across the desk. When the camera angle changes it's piled up neatly next to the Burundi hat, and when Dave gets up it's scattered as before. (01:22:25)


Continuity mistake: VP Nance gives Daves some presents from Africa, like a chain of fertility beads. Dave puts his right arm through the chain, and while he walks aroud the desk it switches to his left and then back to his right arm again. (01:21:45)


Factual error: Near the start of the movie Kevin Kline as the real president gets off the helicopter while the rotor is still spinning. The president never gets off Marine One until the rotor has stopped.


Continuity mistake: In Dave's final address to the congress, where he declares himself and Bob Alexander guilty of fraud, the papers on the lectern disappear from one front shot to the next, but reappear later. (01:33:00)


Dave Kovic: She's great. She's really exotic! She's a princess! She's Polynesian - well, half Polynesian, and half American. She's... Amnesian.

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Trivia: Director Oliver Stone has a cameo as the man who tries to convince the reporter that the president is not the same man as he used to be.

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