Factual error: In the beginning, when the President and First Lady disembark Marine One and walk toward the White House, you see the White House. The problem is that it's a set and only the center of it appears. The East and West portion of the main mansion are just sunny blue skies. (00:01:50)

Factual error: When the real president is shown in a coma in the White House basement, he is on a ventilator (a breathing machine). Ventilators require that the patient be intubated (a tube placed into their windpipe) and cannot work with an oxygen facemask which the president has. (01:02:40)

Factual error: At the beginning when Dave is imitating the president in the car dealership commercial, he's talking about the specials on the Geo Storm and Geo Storm convertibles. Geo never made a Storm convertible. The only convertible car sold under the Geo nameplate was a convertible version of the Geo Metro, based on the Suzuki Swift.

Factual error: Near the start of the movie Kevin Kline as the real president gets off the helicopter while the rotor is still spinning. The president never gets off Marine One until the rotor has stopped.


Factual error: Nance give the President fertility beads from the King of Togo. Togo is not a Kingdom - it's a Republic.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: After the President supposedly has his 2nd stroke, he is rushed to the hospital in daylight, yet he arrives at night time. (01:35:15)

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Trivia: Director Oliver Stone has a cameo as the man who tries to convince the reporter that the president is not the same man as he used to be.

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