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Corrected entry: When Jimmy is having batting practice and he's talking to himself about coaching a girl's team, his lips don't move when he says anything during the entire scene.


Correction: Jimmy is clearly upset/uncomfortable with his situation. He's speaking through his clenched teeth which is why his lips don't appear to move.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: Just before Kit bats in the 9th inning of the last World Series game, the preceding batter hits a foul pop-up that Dottie catches while going into her team's dugout, with a runner on 1st base. According to the rules, the runner could have tagged up and gone to 2nd base, therefore putting herself in scoring position as the tying run.

Correction: By rule 7.04, the runner would automatically advance one base if a legal catch is made and then the ball is taken out of legal play field.

terry s

Corrected entry: A big deal is made about Marla's appearance but no one even mentions Doris' appearance.

Corrected entry: Player Helen Haley has an American accent all the way through the film. However, at the reunion, the actress playing older Helen says, "it's doctor Haley now. I'm a doctor!" with a European accent.

Michael Albert

Correction: So she's spent a significant amount of time abroad. My wife teases me for picking up an Irish accent after hanging out with an Irish friend for a few hours.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the women are at the ballpark, the scene shows an "older" Dottie standing with a suitcase in her right hand looking out at the baseball field. In the very next shot, the older Doris, like earlier in the movie, suddenly throws a baseball at her and Dottie, without dropping the suitcase, reaches up and catches the ball in her right hand. How could she grab the ball so easily if just seconds before she was holding the suitcase, and we never saw her put it down?

Correction: She switched hands while the camera was off of her. It's a very common thing to do, your arm gets tired so you switch back and forth periodically.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Tom Hanks is taking batting practice using an 'Iron Mike' pitching machine. Although they've been around for years, professional baseball teams didn't start using them until after World War II. (00:50:30)

Correction: The team isn't using it, only Hanks is. Since he is a personal associate of the owner (Garry Marshall), he could've just borrowed it.

Corrected entry: There is a scene when one of the players from the opposing teams hits the ball. When she does she quite obviously steps out of the batting box, which is automatically out. (01:03:00)

Correction: Much like many baseball rules, including the balk, it is interpreted by the umpire, if the umpire catches it. Many times the umpire misses a call, especially something so minute. More of an overall baseball mistake, not a movie one.

Corrected entry: In the locker room after the game were Kit gets taken out, Dottie says, "It was an important game. It got us into the playoffs." With only 4 teams in the league, it is impossible to have a playoff AND a World Series.

Correction: The championship game or series is always a part of the playoffs, therefore the World Series and the playoffs are the same in this case.

Corrected entry: Racine chose to pitch to Dottie instead of walking her, and paid for it with two runs. But Dottie gives it back with some shoddy play of her own. She has Kit beat by a mile at the plate when Kit is running for home, but Dottie braces for a hit instead of simply tagging her and moving to the side, as most major league catchers would know to do on plays that aren't even close. But it sure does create a dramatic moment between the sisters, doesn't it?

Correction: Dottie obviously wanted to give Kit every chance to beat her, without giving her any unfair advantage. Blocking the plate was Dottie's way of saying, "Show me that you want this win enough to beat me." Otherwise, why continue to throw her high fast balls after strike two? You can also see it in the shot where Dottie looks over at Kit crying for giving up the go ahead runs.

Corrected entry: In the scene in which Marla is waving good-bye to her dad at the train station, there's an American flag reflected in the window. But as the train is pulling away from the station, you can clearly see that there's no American flag flying anywhere near the station.

Correction: On the widescreen version there is a flag there. On the full screen version there is the shadow of the flag on the platform. DVD time code 24:16.

Corrected entry: When Jimmy Dugan is taking a very long pee in the locker room, it sounds like he's going into a water-filled toilet. But he's going into a urinal, so it shouldn't sound the same.


Correction: Some urinals hold water just like toilets.

Paul Plesser

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tom Hanks is about to say a team prayer before the final game, his unfolded towel mysteriously becomes folded when he throws it to the ground to kneel on it.

Correction: He is off screen long enough to fold it himself.

Corrected entry: In the scene during the championship game, Kit slams into Dottie at the plate to win the game. If you watch carefully you will notice that Kit never actually touches homeplate. She soars over homeplate but never actually touches it. (01:41:30)

Correction: After slamming into Dottie, while flipping over, Kit drags the heel of her left foot over home plate. Seen at approximately 2:37 in this video. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzNkwdsEuDE.


Correction: In baseball if a runner misses home plate and the catcher drops the ball and does not go back and tag the runner,they are safe and the run counts or unless the defensive team notices home was not touched and appeals to an umpire to make the call.

The umpire called her safe immediately, so this response misses the point.

Corrected entry: Technically not really a mistake, but I have to question the strategy of the Racine manager in Game 7 of the world series. The situation is two outs, top of the ninth, Racine up 1-0, with runners at second and third and Dottie coming up. Now, Dottie has already been established as the best player in the league. Wouldn't the prudent choice here be, with first base open, to intentionally walk her and take their chances with the beauty queen on deck? The World Series is on the line, and Racine wants to take its chances against Dottie? It was obviously the wrong call, since Dottie ends up blasting a single to score the runners and give Rockford a lead. Just imagine if it were Game 7 of the real World Series, and Barry Bonds came up in this situation, with first base open. What would you do?

Correction: Even the best managers make mistakes and, more important, are second guessed by armchair generals. This decision by the character may have been far-fetched, but I can't see how it's a mistake by the moviemakers.

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where the scout first leads Dottie and Kit onto Wrigley Field, the viewer can see the stadium lights at the top of the shot. However, in 1943 Wrigley Field did not have stadium lighting. It wasn't until 1988 that Wrigley Field finally installed stadium lighting.

Correction: The tryouts are at Harvey Field, not Wrigley Field. They say the name several times. The scene was obviously filmed at Wrigley Field, but the field in the movie was the fictional Harvey Field. Many baseball stadiums had lights during World War II. Who's to say Harvey Field doesn't?

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Dottie and Jimmy are sitting beside each other at the front of the bus having a conversation, the camera cuts to Mae painting Kit's nails on the back seat of the bus. When the camera cuts back to Dottie and Jimmy, if you look at the back seat of the bus, Mae is sitting by herself and Kit is already about to sit back down in her seat in the middle of the bus. It doesn't seem likely that there would have been enough time for her to be in that position so quickly. (01:11:45)

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Kid: Mr. Dugan, can you sign my baseball card? Whoa... avoid the clap, signed Jimmy Dugan.
Jimmy: That's good advice!


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Trivia: Before the final game, Doris's father tells the ticket scalper that he's going to take Doris out for a steak dinner as a surprise. After the team loses, Doris ironically stats that "I'm so depressed I could eat a cow."


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Question: When Kit gets traded to Racine, who does Rockford get in return?

Answer: An unnamed pitcher. I believe it was the character played by Janet Jones and listed as "Racine Pitcher"


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