23rd Jul 2018

Speed (1994)

Corrected entry: Soon after Jack gets on the bus, Howard can see the bus on the news. Why is the news at this stage covering this? The only thing that has been suspicious is someone from a car coming from a car onto a bus, but what has happened before this that makes this newsworthy? Looks like regular traffic is flowing up to this point. (00:44:00)


Correction: It is extremely common for news helicopters to cover rush hour traffic in major cities. If a news crew happened to be monitoring the freeway and noticed a pedestrian running to catch up to a bus, stop a convertible dead in its tracks, get in the convertible, catch up to the bus, the man jumps from the speeding car onto the bus at 50 plus miles per hour, and the car then crashes; it seems fairly normal for the bus to be on the news by this point. It certainly isn't a plot hole.


But for that scenario to work, not a single element can be missed. If the film crew missed any of it why would they film the bus?

Ssiscool Premium member

I don't think if a single element was missed it wouldn't be newsworthy. If, for example they missed everything but a man jumping from a moving car onto a bus I still think that makes the bus newsworthy. That's really the only element that can't be missed by the news for this explanation to work. Payne himself comments on Jack's bravery in getting on the bus so that means he saw it. The only thing that could make the news following the bus a plot hole would be if Jack managed to get on without any fanfare at all, which of course didn't happen. It can't be a plot hole because it's not impossible for the news to have followed the entire incident of Jack getting on the bus. The fact that they may have been able to miss something doesn't make it impossible that they didn't.


13th Dec 2018

The Mighty Ducks (1992)

Corrected entry: When discussing the boundary lines on which teams the players are eligible to play with, it comes apparent Adam Banks should have played for District-5/Ducks instead of the Hawks. This means the Hawks have played an ineligible player all season and should have forfeited all their games to that date. (00:56:00)


Correction: That could depend entirely on who is responsible for the oversight. If Coach Reilly gets to pick his own players, then your entry would most likely be correct, or at the least Reilly would be banned from coaching. However, if someone from the league is responsible for putting teams together, then that would mean Banks was put on the wrong team through no fault of his own, his parents, or Coach Reilly. The movie even shows that a league representative is the one to inform everyone that Banks needs to switch teams if he wants to continue playing. This suggests that the league decided to take no disciplinary action against the Hawks provided that they comply with the order.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Fuller family and Gecko brothers are trying to cross the border, we have Jacob talking to the guard to get across the border. While this is happening, we have Seth and Richie having an argument in the bathroom. With the volume of their argument, how can the guard not hear them? (00:38:00)


Correction: Outside noise. Traffic. Others talking. That can drown out talking inside the camper.


30th Jul 2018

Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Corrected entry: When Foley is in the hotel with Jenny, he orders some stuff for Rosewood and Taggart (knowing that they followed Jenny and himself to the hotel). He then proceeds to grab some bananas and sticks them up their exhaust pipe as his order was delivered to them. Next thing, Foley and Jenny are leaving the hotel while the waiter is still with Rosewood and Taggard. How did Foley go from putting bananas up the exhaust to him and Jenny leaving the hotel so quickly? (00:38:00)


Correction: He just crossed the street, Jenny was waiting for him on the sidewalk until he was done, and then they left.


21st Jul 2018

The Green Mile (1999)

Corrected entry: As Percy Wetmore is tying up Eduard Delacroix for his execution, Harry Terwilliger assists with putting the top part on Delacroix. You would think Terwilliger would realise straight away that Wetmore didn't wet the sponge as soon as he put the top part on. (01:39:00)


Correction: You would think that, but he didn't. Common human mistake to make. They knew Percy was cruel but not so much that he intentionally wouldn't wet the sponge, Harry just failed to notice.


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