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Corrected entry: Young Gordon misses the shot that would have won the game, but the game would have needed to be tied for that to be the case. Goalie skates off with his hands up and the game is over, so that means the shot he missed would have been to tie the game.

Correction: The game was tied. When Gordon is telling Charlie the story about how he missed the shot, he mentions that his team eventually lost in overtime.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: On the last goal on the penalty shot the ref allows the coach to let any player on the team to take the shot. While this was great for the script, hockey rules state that only players who are on the ice at the time of the penalty are eligible to take the penalty shot.

Correction: If you listen closely the ref actually says 'penalty, coach, anyone ON THE ICE can take it'.

Corrected entry: When Gordon first meets the players, Goldberg tells him he will not be on the team much longer because he is moving away. However, this never happens, and no explanation is ever given.


Correction: So where's the mistake? We never go home with Goldberg so how would we ever know what's going on in his personal life?

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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Charlie goes to take his penalty shot and goes around the puck three times. In the rules you must touch the puck within a 5 second time period or the shot is forfited.

Correction: In the novelized version of the movie, this is described as Charlie skating around the puck while waiting for the signal to start his run.

Correction: The rule regarding penalty shots states that the puck must be kept in motion towards the net (ie. the player cannot take the puck behind the net and attempt a wraparound) and that only one shot is allowed. There is no time limit on actually starting the shot.

Corrected entry: I don't see how any referee in his right mind would let players in a shootout, not wear a helmet.

Correction: In hockey, it is not required to wear a helmet during a shootout/penalty shot. There is no action until the next puck drop after the shot is taken and therefore the helmet is not required for safety.

Not true. I was a minor hockey referee for 15 years beginning in 1990, and I can tell you with certainty that players are required to keep their helmets on at all times, even when on the player's bench.

Corrected entry: When Bombay is in the limo on the ice the first time after he tells district 5 to practice he is on the car phone. Pay attention to the cord when all the kids come in. It's not connected to anything.

Correction: It's not attached to anything because one of the kids goes 'Oh cool is that a real phone?' and he pulls it out. Notice he looks exasperated when he realises the phone has been disconnected.

Corrected entry: When discussing the boundary lines on which teams the players are eligible to play with, it comes apparent Adam Banks should have played for District-5/Ducks instead of the Hawks. This means the Hawks have played an ineligible player all season and should have forfeited all their games to that date. (00:56:00)


Correction: That could depend entirely on who is responsible for the oversight. If Coach Reilly gets to pick his own players, then your entry would most likely be correct, or at the least Reilly would be banned from coaching. However, if someone from the league is responsible for putting teams together, then that would mean Banks was put on the wrong team through no fault of his own, his parents, or Coach Reilly. The movie even shows that a league representative is the one to inform everyone that Banks needs to switch teams if he wants to continue playing. This suggests that the league decided to take no disciplinary action against the Hawks provided that they comply with the order.

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Corrected entry: At the end when one of the Hawks cross-checks Adam Banks from behind. He only receives a two minute penalty. The player should have received a five-minute major and game misconduct, or a match, because an injury resulted from the play.

Correction: Goal was scored on the play. So there wouldn't be a penalty.

A major plus game misconduct SHOULD be called if injury results. However, if the player is hurt, but then gets up and skates it off (as opposed to an injury that prevents the player from continuing in the game), many refs will opt for the minor penalty. A match penalty is only called if there was a deliberate attempt to injure. Regarding the correction - if the referee is signaling a delayed major penalty and a goal is scored, the major will still be assessed.

Corrected entry: When Bombay asks Fulton to "Do it again" after shooting the puck, the first window he broke is fixed.

Correction: The window doesn't look like it's broken because Bombay leaves the van door open, covering it.

Corrected entry: In the championship game, Adam Banks scored a goal after being cross-checked by a Hawk. This sequence of events does not result in a power play, as depicted by the movie. When a penalty is called, the ref will refrain from blowing his whistle if the team that did not commit the penalty still has control of the puck. If the team scores during that time, the penalty is nullified.

Matty Blast

Correction: In peewee hockey cross checking would still be called as it is used as a teaching tool. However in high school and above the goal would nullify the penalty.

Corrected entry: All youth hockey players use mouth-guards, yet most (if not all) players in the movie don't have any.

Matty Blast

Correction: Many leagues did not require mouthguards until very recently, and some still do not require them.

Correction: The Flying V is NOT offside. They were very careful to make this play legal. If you watch the play carefully, you will see that just before the team enters the offensive zone, the puck is passed to the lead guy, who brings it across the blue line. This makes it legal, as the player with the puck is the first to cross the blue line.

Corrected entry: At the very end of the movie where Gordon Bombay is saying his goodbyes, if you look at the bus behind him the American flag is reversed.

Correction: The American Flag on the passanger side of the Greyhound bus where Gordon was entering is always in reverse.

Corrected entry: Going into the playoffs, the Ducks were seeded last, and the Hawks were seeded first. Therefore, the Ducks should have played the Hawks in the first round, not the finals.

Matty Blast

Correction: While that is true that the Ducks were last and Hawks were first, since they faced each other in the finals they may not have been in the same "league." Similar to the NHL while the Pittsburgh Penguins will play the Chicago Blackhawks in the regular season, they don't play each other in the playoffs due to being in a different league.

Continuity mistake: In the championship game, Banks gets knocked out of the game when he is checked into the goal post. If you look at the action after he's gone, you can still see Banks in some of the action. You can't see his face, but you can see his number 99 playing in some scenes.

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Gordon Bombay: Thank you very much, Mr. Ducksworth! Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack, Mr. Ducksworth.

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Trivia: When Coach Bombay is talking to the old store owner guy while he sharpens a skate and whatnot, there is a picture of Mike Modano hanging up behind them. Modano was the Minnesota North Star's first overall pick in the 1988 entry draft. He even stayed with them when they moved to Dallas in 1993.

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