Beverly Hills Cop

Corrected entry: As Axel is getting tossed around in the back of the semi carrying the cigarettes, you can see that a number of the boxes are empty as they are crushed under the weight of his body.


Correction: The trailer is stocked as when it was confiscated in a prior bust. The earlier criminals must have included empty boxes among the full ones to fool their buyer. Axel has 'borrowed' it as is, and the latest buyers didn't notice the empty boxes during the sting. Not a mistake.


Corrected entry: Axel has room service deliver some food to the beige car but when the car is seen stalling in the middle of the street due to the bananas in the tailpipe it's white, not beige.


Correction: The car is still beige when it stalls in the middle of the street. It is the same beige car that was parked when Axel put the bananas in the tailpipe.

Corrected entry: At the end, Axel Foley checks out of the hotel at night which would have incurred an extra nights fee for late check out. Admittedly this didn't affect Axel as the police department was footing the bill but he may as well have just stayed the extra night. Also given the long drive ahead of him, why leave in the middle of the night?

Gavin Jackson

Correction: This is just a disagreement with a perfectly reasonable decision made by a character. It is not a plot hole.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: Mikey gets shot in the head twice but when the police are at the scene investigating there is no blood anywhere on the floor even though he has been lying in that position for at least an hour.


Correction: Mikey does indeed get shot in the head twice, but moments after that, we cut to the next scene which is outside. We never see Mikey or the floor again.


Corrected entry: When Foley is in the hotel with Jenny, he orders some stuff for Rosewood and Taggart (knowing that they followed Jenny and himself to the hotel). He then proceeds to grab some bananas and sticks them up their exhaust pipe as his order was delivered to them. Next thing, Foley and Jenny are leaving the hotel while the waiter is still with Rosewood and Taggard. How did Foley go from putting bananas up the exhaust to him and Jenny leaving the hotel so quickly? (00:38:00)


Correction: He just crossed the street, Jenny was waiting for him on the sidewalk until he was done, and then they left.


Corrected entry: Axel arrives in Beverly Hills by car, but it's a 2,000-mile drive from Detroit. Wouldn't that have eaten up most of his vacation time, if indeed that old Chevy Nova could have made the trip?

Correction: Driving 8 AM to 11 PM the 2,283 mile trip would take 2 days, 4 & 1/2 hours - including rest stops, leaving Axel lots of time in Beverly Hills. The car obviously made the trip.


Corrected entry: When the rear trailer separates from the semi before the driver jumps out, you see the rear trailer rolling past the 1st trailer to its left, but when the camera angle changes to show the police running to the crash site, the rear trailer is now pushed up against the back of the first trailer. (00:07:35)


Correction: Not so. The low shot showing the loose trailer bouncing toward the right of the screen shows a wide separation between the first and second trailers. The next time we see both, the angle is higher, further away and rotated 90 degrees around the crash site, making the loose trailer look closer, nearly against the side of the first trailer- but it's an illusion of the camera zoom.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie Axel is riding in the back of the cigarette truck. There is one shot were the camera is pointing out of a police car right behind the truck. Off to the right you can see a different police car crashing through three orange and white construction barricades. In the next shot the truck is seen from the side and the same car crashes through the barricades a second time. (00:06:00)

Correction: This crash is repeated four times in rapid succession from four different angles, for effect. It's not meant to suggest four different crashes - it's simply more dramatic. Not an error.


Corrected entry: When the truck is driven into the alley in the side mirror you can see the police car in the background. But in the next scene the cop car is only just pulling up blocking the entry to the alley. (00:02:20 - 00:04:15)

Correction: If this refers to the opening scene with the truck load of cigarettes, there is no such moment or error. The truck is stopped in the first shot of it, seen from far above as Axel steps out. The mirrors of the truck are never looked into by the camera before the chase is well underway.


Corrected entry: Axel takes the I.D. badges from the 2 guys at the warehouse and has them in his left hand but when you see Axel slap the side of box he's sitting on the badges are no longer in his hand.


Correction: During part of this scene the camera is facing Axel from behind the two employees. As Axel shouts at them waving his arm up and down, you can briefly make out a gesture of his arms where he switches the badges in to his right hand. Immediately before the camera cuts to him slapping the box, he waves his right hand up and down twice and you can make out the badges in that hand.

Corrected entry: Once Billy Rosewood has eventually pushed Taggart over the wall Sergeant Taggart has trouble with which weapon to use. As soon as he is over the wall he has a pistol, then a shot-gun, then the pistol again, then finally he decides to use the shot-gun one more time.

Correction: Once Taggart is over the wall, Rosewood has the shotgun leaving Taggart with his pistol. After Rosewood has shot the bad guy Taggart takes the shotgun back. Then the trio jump over a wall as another man fires at them but Taggart drops the shotgun as he lands - you can see it slide away from him - Taggart then continues to fire with his pistol. Finally while the camera is focused on Foley reloading his own gun there's plenty of time for Taggart to reacquire the shotgun.


Corrected entry: When Rosewood is lifting his sergeant over the wall at Victor Maitland's house, you see it is a solid wall all the way to the top. When the sergeant finally makes it over the wall and lands on the other side, we clearly see that the wall - from the other side - has columns and holes in it. We see it more than twice from each angle, and it's definitely not the same wall.

Correction: You can clearly see that the top of the wall has columns. It is the same wall.

Corrected entry: In several scenes Eddie Murphy is carrying a single action Browning Hi-Power semiauto. When it is drawn and supposed to be ready to use the hammer is not cocked - it simply won't fire until it is - but when he shoots it fires anyway.

Correction: If it is a double action pistol (which most are) it will in fact fire without the hammer being cocked. That is where the term "double action" comes from. It means that pulling the trigger pulls the hammer back, AND releases it to fire the gun. If it were a single action pistol (which most aren't), then it would have to be cocked before pulling the trigger would do anything. Since we never get a clear enough shot of the gun to tell the exact model, you can easily assume that it is a double-action pistol and pulling the trigger would fire it if the hammer was back or not.

The mistake is valid. Foley's gun is in fact a single-action semi-automatic. He's carrying a Browning Hi-Power. This is the gun he'll also use in part 2 and 3.


Revealing mistake: In the scene where Axel throws the art dealer's henchman onto the buffet table, if you watch carefully (or use slow-mo) you can see the stunt double pulling off that manoeuvre. There is also a stunt double being thrown over the table.

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Chosen answer: Much of Axel Foley's lines were improvised, including this scene, according to the commentary. But many other actors improvised their lines too, most notably Bronson Pinchot. The script was originally written with the intent of Sylvester Stallone playing Axel and as such, the issue of his race wasn't scripted and the director tried to avoid mentioning race in the film. It was Eddie Murphy that would bring it up in improvised lines.


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