31st Oct 2022

The Mighty Ducks (1992)

Plot hole: When Coach Bombay is in the cafe talking to Charlie Conway about handing over the coaching position to Jessie and Terry Hall's dad. Isn't that a violation of his community service orders that he has to coach this side? (01:01:35 - 01:02:30)


18th Jun 2022

Angel (1999)

Eternity - S1-E17

Plot hole: When someone broke into Rebeca Lowell's place, Angel storms in to fight whoever it was the broke into her place. Problem is, Angel, being a vampire, has to be invited into someone's place before entering, he shouldn't be able to enter her house. (00:12:10)


Plot hole: At the gas station exploding scene, we see van Damme and the reporter getting in the car and drive off. Just after van Damme and the reporter drive off, we see Lundren get up from the rear seats to try to strangle van Damme. Why would Lundren be there when firstly, they had no idea van Damme took the chip out of his leg, and secondly, after realising they had been set up, they had n idea where van Damme or the reporter would be at that stage. (00:51:54 - 00:52:30)


27th Jul 2021

Timecop (1994)

Plot hole: When Max Walker was using the forklift to firstly as protection, then lift himself up while he stands on the pallet, there is no way the forklift would be able to lift Max but itself. It needs someone to be on the forklift pulling the lever to lift the forks up. (00:52:00)


Plot hole: Nancy has realised she has pulled Freddy out of her dream, but later Freddy and Nancy were basically in the same position in Nancy's dream, why didn't Freddy come out of the dream world and come into reality then? (00:40:17 - 01:18:01)


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Suggested correction: It is not required that this show share the exact same continuity as the games. Even if it did, there is nothing stopping this from being a previous version, or a merging of the two, or the dead Sub-Zero being given his name an powers.


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