8th Dec 2004

U Turn (1997)

Correction: Perfectly possible to have sex with underwear on.

28th Feb 2007

Apocalypto (2006)

Correction: When Jaguar Paw jumps off the waterfall and yells back to the warriors he appears as to not have the arrow wound from the front, but in fact there was still a small amount of blood and a small hole.

3rd Nov 2004

Blood Work (2002)

Corrected entry: When Eastwood goes into the police station, the officer at the front desk tells him the men he's looking for are in the first door on the right. The next shot is of him walking into the room, only he's walking into a room on his left.


Correction: Eastwood is told it's the first door on his right. In the next scene, the first doorway Eastwood walks through actually is on his right.

22nd Jul 2004

The Last Samurai (2003)

Corrected entry: The sword that Algren gives to the Emperor is fake. Notice the handle during the Emperor's little speech- it's plastic. During the battle you can see that its a real black fabric around the sword's handle. (02:15:10 - 02:20:50)


Correction: Looking at the sword hilt as shown in that scene, it appears to be tightly wrapped fabric, just as seen earlier. Appearances can change considerably based on light conditions in a scene - this looks to me like the same sword, simply under more subdued lighting. Certainly the sword is exactly as before when Algren is holding it a few seconds earlier and very little appears to change.

Tailkinker Premium member

12th Jul 2004

Underworld (2003)

Corrected entry: When Lucian stabs Selene from the top of the car, the depth of the stab to her shoulder and the amount of blood on the blade when Lucian retracts it are different. (00:29:00)


Correction: Blood doesn't stick to steel in exactly the same pattern as a wound. Blood can spray up the blade, alternatively, it can be pulled off by skin, clothing and such.

28th Jan 2007

The Departed (2006)

Corrected entry: When Sullivan makes the phone call to Costigan using Queenan's cell phone, he leaves Queenan's blood on the talk button. It's been hours or even days since Queenan's murder, how was the blood still wet?


Correction: Because the phone was sealed in an air-tight bag.

7th Sep 2004

Smallville (2001)

Correction: I've watched the scene several times in a row. The car is red the whole time, never tan.

30th Sep 2004

South Park (1997)

Conjoined Fetus Lady - S2-E5

Corrected entry: When the Chinese dodgeball team member throws the ball at Kenny, it sends Kenny into the wall face first- killing him. When everyone but Pip is left, you can see that Kenny's body is still stuck in the wall, but has been turned around with him facing away from the wall.


Correction: Kenny is hit in the face with the dodgeball and the impact forces him into the wall, he is facing away from the wall as he was when he was hit with the ball. His body does not change the way it is facing from when Kenny is struck with the ball throughout the remainder of the episode.

27th Jul 2004

Gods and Generals (2003)

Corrected entry: When Lucy tells her mother that their house is still standing, her mother hugs her and wishes for the well being of Martha and her children. Lucy responds with, "But oh Mother..." Only the voice that says, "But oh Mother" is definitely not her own and is overdubbed. Matter of fact, it sounds a lot like a man's voice. (On Disc 2). (00:19:40)


Correction: Nonsense. The voice you hear is somewhat deep and dark, but that's just because it's laden with grief. It's definitely Lucy's own voice.

Corrected entry: After Evan wakes up and falls off Kayleigh's bed, he has white boxers on. He then wraps a towel around him and proceeds down the hallway. Yet when he's in the girl's showers you can notice that when he discovers the naked girl behind him, he shows a little too much of himself to be wearing much of anything below it. (00:55:15 - 00:56:45)


Correction: He never loosens the towel that's around his waist, so nothing is shown. And the sink is covering him.

27th Jun 2004

The Craft (1996)

Corrected entry: After Sarah runs into the bathtub away from the snakes and insects, Nancy turns on the water. You see Sarah just start to walk through the water when the scene changes to her walking down the stairs. Problem is that she's completely dry even though she had just walked through a shower.


Correction: She doesn't walk through the water. We see her carefully edging her way out of the shower, avoiding where the water is running.

9th Apr 2007

Ghostbusters 2 (1989)

Corrected entry: When the Statue of Liberty makes its entrance in the streets of New York, close observation shows that the statue actually steps on a bunch of people.


Correction: How is this a mistake? The guys cannot see exactly where the statue is going, and she is stepping on cars and other objects, so why not a few accidental people?

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Oh so it's not a poorly placed optical effect; the movie wants to tell us that the Ghostbusters are actual mass murderers. Just great.

Sammo Premium member

6th Jan 2005

Fight Club (1999)

Corrected entry: At the end, Tyler sits on the large case and says that there's 60 seconds until the bombs go off. Yet after all is said and done with Tyler's demise, the bombs go off nearly five minutes later. (02:11:50 - 02:15:30)


Correction: Two things offer some explanation for this, firstly all interaction between Tyler and Jack is inside their head so concievably their converstations could take place in the space of a second or two real time. Secondly the bombs are homemade and unlikely to be dead on accurate with the timing devices which would allow a small amount of leeway.

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