Corrected entry: At the end of the first film, Kraven tells Selene that it was Viktor who killed her family and turned her into a vampire - the reason given was that Selene reminded Viktor of his daughter Sonya. This would imply that Selene's family was killed and she was turned "after" the death of Sonja. However, in the second film, it is described that Selene's family built the prison in which William (the first Lycan) was to be imprisoned. It was at this point when Viktor killed her family and turned Selene. So which is it? Was Selene turned after the imprisonment of William, or years later after the death of Sonja?

Correction: If you listen carefully to the explanation in the second movie you will see that Selene was turned into a vampire years later. Yes her father built William's prison, but she was a child herself then, around four or five years old. Years later is basically when the third movie happened, when Sonja died and Lucian escaped with one of the keys to William's tomb, Viktor feared that Lucian would try to find the tomb and release William, to start making more Lycans again. In order to find the tomb he would try to find the man that built the tomb, so that was when Viktor decided to kill Selene's family to keep the tomb hidden; by then Selene was a adult, and Viktor couldn't kill her because she reminded him of the daughter he killed not long before.

Corrected entry: Why would Selene be drowning, if she shouldn't need to breathe? She is supposed to be "dead" already.


Correction: The mythos for these vampires is very much different from the typical vampire legends. The vampires in this film are not "undead", rather they have a genetic condition, passed through a transfer of bodily fluids, which grants them various abilities and disabilities. Selene can drown just as easily as you or I.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After Michael has been shot with the liquid silver bullets, his shirt and the seat of his pants are stained with the silver residue. When Viktor throws him into the water and he turns over during the transformation the silver is gone from the front of his shirt. In the fight between them, the stain is also gone from his pants. (01:43:50)

Donald Jenkins

Correction: I doubt it's a continuity error, I think a more likely explanation for this would be that the water has washed off the silver residue from his clothes, and that's why there is none on Michael after he has turned over in the water.

Corrected entry: There is a shot of Kraven standing by a window, looking out into the night after Selene has run off. Halfway down the window, there is a reflection of a face - it isn't Kraven's. It looks like a woman watching him, perhaps Erika? But there is no indication that there is supposed to be anyone else in the room. (00:31:50)

Correction: Erika was seen coming into the room moments after Selene jumped out of the window. She was following Kraven.


Corrected entry: In the close-up shot of Selene biting Michael, she only has fangs on her upper canines whereas in the rest of the film she has fangs on both her upper canines and upper lateral incisors.

Correction: The vampires are shown to have full control over when and how to extend their fangs. Selene chose to extend only her canines when biting Michael.


Corrected entry: When Selene drags Michael away from Lucien, she saw that Lucien was on top of him and would have realized that he had bitten Michael. However, when Erika tells her this, she seems completely stunned.

Correction: Apparently Selene was under the impression that she had gotten Michael away from Lucien before Lucien had performed the deed.

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Corrected entry: When Lucian stabs Selene from the top of the car, the depth of the stab to her shoulder and the amount of blood on the blade when Lucian retracts it are different. (00:29:00)


Correction: Blood doesn't stick to steel in exactly the same pattern as a wound. Blood can spray up the blade, alternatively, it can be pulled off by skin, clothing and such.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when Selene chases the Lycan down the grate, she turns around and shoots him. Going frame by frame, you see that his squib (blood pack used to simulate being shot) goes off before she shoots. (00:08:35)

Donald Jenkins

Correction: Having to use frame by frame invalidates the mistake.

Corrected entry: When Erika turns the power off at the mansion and goes to Selene, Erika throws Selene a pack with a gun and ammo. If you look at the slugs of the ammo, you can see that they are regular copper jacketed rounds. Even if they had silver slugs under the jackets, they wouldn't be very effective against the werewolves. (01:10:00)

Donald Jenkins

Correction: The film makes a point of explaining that the slugs are filled with silver nitrate, and once the lead or copper tip has mushroomed, the silver nitrate is released.

Corrected entry: After Erika turns off the power in the mansion, she comes into the room that Selene is locked in to give her a gun and car keys. Selene jumps out of the window and in the next shot is shown falling to the ground. If you look at the windows as she is falling, it appears that there are lights on inside the mansion. (01:10:20)

Correction: There are lights on in the form of candles. In earlier scenes there are a lot of candles shown in the rooms with the vampires gathering for the Awakening. Besides which, Erika may have only shut off one breaker for one section of the mansion.

Corrected entry: All of the Lycans in the movie were animatronic, only the morphs were CGI.


Correction: Not true, the Lycans were portrayed by people in costumes, only the faces were animatronic. If you watch the features on the extended cut it shows how they used leg extenders to make the actors taller and walk more like a wolf.

Corrected entry: Selene is actually the name of the Greek Goddess of the moon, showing possible link to the Lycans (maybe a subject for the future films?)

Correction: Prior to overcoming the limitation, the moon was also quite important to vampires, as daytime sun would kill them - so her name is more likely a tribute to her vampire lineage.


Corrected entry: The vampires invent a bullet that contains a silvery metallic liquid - they claim it is silver nitrate. Pure silver nitrate forms white crystals; in solution it is colourless. (00:38:50)


Correction: They didn't say it was PURE silver nitrate. If someone says they have a gold watch, that doesn't mean it's pure gold.

Corrected entry: During the final fight with Viktor and Michael, there are countless times where Michael slices Viktor, the slicing sound effects indicate that the slashes are hitting Viktor. But there only seems to be one (maybe two) slice marks in Viktor's chest at the end of the fight and it is bleeding, so what about all those slashes (with the connecting noise) that connected with Viktor's face?

Correction: When Selene gets stabbed in the shoulder and passes out, she wakes up to find her stab wound fully healed. It makes sense that Viktor's scratches are healing at a fast pace and therefore leaving no mark.

Corrected entry: After Selene shoots through the floor to follow Michael down she should land right where Lucian is meeting Michael at the elevator. However she appears from around the corner, some distance from them.

Correction: Michael has gone right down to the ground floor where Lucian is waiting for him. Judging by his flat number 510, he lives on the fifth floor. Selene only goes through one floor, down to the fourth, then uses the stairs to reach the bottom.

Corrected entry: After Viktor throws Michael into the pillar, he hits the ground and a black cable can be seen with him. Is that the wire that was holding him up? There doesn't really seem to be anywhere for it to come from.

Correction: On closer inspection, it looks like an electrical cable of some kind, although it's not attached to anything (it is a defunct building, after all).

Corrected entry: How did the Lycans know the exact location of the safe-house that Michael was in? Selene told Michael that they take the Lycans there and remove the silver bullets in order to question them. After questioning they put the bullets back in. Since the vampires would put the silver bullets back into a Lycans body the lycan would eventually die and therefore it would be impossible for any knowledge of the safe-house or any others to be discovered.

Correction: The lycans that eventually nab Michael are shown in an earlier scene watching Selene drive onto the mansion grounds through night vision binoculars. It's not unreasonable to assume they waited for her to leave again and followed her.

Correction: Given that Kraven is in league with the Lycans, it's not remotely out of the question that he might have revealed the location of the safe house at some point.

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Corrected entry: In the end where we see the werewolf-technician's blood dripping down to Marcus, this would not have any effect as lycans and vampire blood don't mix. Even if he had been human, Marcus would need memories of a very focused mind. Who would that be?

Correction: Apparently you didn't understand the "There is a descendent of Korvinus right there". The point is that whatever 'raw' genetic ability there is in the Korvinus bloodline, its both present in Michael (Selena's lover and the newly Hybrid creature) and in Marcus (who slumbers). The werewolf blood -will- mix with Marcus' blood for that very reason. The fact that the memories will be extremely fragmented will likely be part of the storyline of P.2, since Marcus will likely be insane with confusion and rage (since his other Elders are slain).

Corrected entry: Near the end, when Selene quickly jumps with the sword and cuts Victor's head, an awfully long time passes by until his head finally splits. He stands up, turns around, puts his knives out and then his head slips. Plus it seems like his head has no skull. Just flesh and brain. (01:49:30)

Correction: You make it seem like a much longer time than it actually is.... Plus Victor is a vampire, it goes without question that his body heals, his head was trying to heal it self but the wound proved to be too much. And yes, you can see Victor's skull.

Corrected entry: The scene in which Michael is in the back seat of the police cruiser after jumping out the window - watch his teeth - they change from sharp to not sharp and back again. (01:15:45)

Correction: This is the result of Michael fighting his transformation.

Visible crew/equipment: During the final battle, a vampire shoots into a totally dark room and kills a werewolf. He then lifts his gun and people are seen reflected in the sights. (01:37:05)

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