U Turn

Correction: Perfectly possible to have sex with underwear on.

Corrected entry: While Grace is talking to Bobby on the phone she is holding a pack of cards. In some shots the 2 of clubs is on the bottom, in others the queen of spades. (01:18:30)


Correction: When we see Grace with the 2 of clubs, there is then a very long shot of Bobby on the other end of the phone. Cut back to Grace, yes the card has changed, but she easily could have shuffled the cards.

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Corrected entry: When Bobby Cooper comes back to Grace McKenna's house near the start, he puts his bag on the side. They're eventually disturbed by Jake McKenna, Cooper gets punched in the face and legs it, leaving his bag in the house. We then see him walking along the road back to town with his bag, which he's magically got back.

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Correction: This may have been corrected on DVD/VHS, because Bobby is about to leave because he is sick of Grace playing games. He picks his bag up from the side, then is about to leave, then he suddenly drops his bag by the door, and runs over to Grace and kisses her. Jake then enters, and Bobby is hit. He then walks out of the room, and it cuts to Jake hugging Grace. It then cuts back to Bobby slinging the bag over his shoulder and leaving, so he doesn't leave without the bag.

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Visible crew/equipment: After Bobby is pushed off the cliff by Grace, towards the end of the shot of him rolling on the rocks, a black pad is visible under his shirt and attached to his trousers which was used for the stunt. (01:49:20)

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Flo: Now you can fuckin' take it, or you can fuckin' leave it.

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