Death Race 2

Death Race 2 (2010)

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Plot hole: If the cars are assigned on a "first come, first served"-bases, how can the tv programme have footage of the drivers posing with their cars, seeing as not all of them survive?

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Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning of the movie after the bank job goes bad. The car chase ends with grenades dropped out of the car. When the camera shows the result of destruction you can see a boom mike, camera crew and stunt safety crew running into the scene.


Continuity mistake: In the first scene with Lucas in the race car, a curly also wants to get in it, but he is smashed to the ground by the driver who puts a brake. First we saw a lot of blood dropped from his head (on the starting grid), and in the next scene, shot with another camera, the blood disappears.

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Trivia: At the beginning of the movie Markus Kane is watching TV with a woman, the show that he is first watching is Death Race 2000 before changing the channel. Death Race 2000 is what the Death Race movies are based off of.

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