Shrek 3

Continuity mistake: The pink legwarmers Charming is wearing in the middle of the film, instantly disappear.

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Continuity mistake: When Snow White rips off her sleeves she has a tattoo on her right shoulder. Later, when she calls the animals to attack the guards, the tattoo is gone.

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Continuity mistake: The "I Suck-eth" sign on Donkey's butt disappears after we see it.

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Trivia: After Queen Lilly is dazed after banging the rocks with head to get them out of prison, she hums the first few bars of "A spoon full of Sugar." After Fiona asks if she's alright, she hums a few lines from "My favorite things," both songs made famous by Lilly's voice, Julie Andrews.

Trivia: When Fiona signals Snow White with a bird call, it's the same bird call Cameron Diaz did in Charlie's Angels.

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Trivia: During the fight in the tavern, a "Wilhelm scream" can be heard.

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Sleeping Beauty: Who dat?

Donkey: What in the shestershire is this place?
Shrek: Well, my stomach's aching and my palms just got sweaty. Must be a high school.

Puss in Boots: I don't know you, but I'd like to.

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Question: This one is for my son. Is there any reference anywhere, in books, toys, promotional material, anywhere, which gives the names of the ogre babes?

Chosen answer: There is a 4th movie coming out. They will be named then.

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