Shrek 3

Corrected entry: There is one scene towards the end where the sun can be interpreted as coming from the front right (shadows top left to bottom right)(it's a long-distance shot of Far Far Away either as the women or the animals approach). However at the top left you can see a full moon - it should be crescent.

Correction: That's not a full moon, it's a new moon. Though the sun shines on the back side of the moon, the light reflected off the Earth illuminates it slightly so it's often visible during the day.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene where Snow White is singing, you can tell the song she is singing was obviously recorded long before the movie was made.

Correction: What does this even mean? As an animated film, *everything* was recorded long before the sequences were animated.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the ship catches on fire, Shrek, Fiona and the rest completely disappear from the dock.

Brad Premium member

Correction: They do not disappear, they were never standing on the slanted ramp where the ship was sitting, which is all that is shown in the side shots. They are still there on the dock that is out of frame.

Corrected entry: The place where Shrek knights the man appears in Shrek 2, when Fiona is looking for Shrek after she turns into a human. Only problem is, in Shrek 2, the window above the stairs was a regular window. In this movie, it's a stained glass window.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Plenty of time has passed between the movies to allow some redecorating to take place. Plus, according to this site's rules, discrepancies between two movies aren't considered mistakes.


Corrected entry: Captain Hook is supposed to have had his left hand cut off. As he is from the work of a single author and not a composite like Robin Hood, that characteristic is not subject to interpretation.

Correction: Maybe not, but by oft-stated site policy, any differences between a film and its source material is not considered a mistake.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Prince Charming is about to attack Shrek his sword is melted by Dragon BUT it miraculously re-appears as a whole sword later.

Correction: Not true. He throws down the melted sword and when the villains come on stage, he steals one of theirs.

Corrected entry: When Merlin returns Donkey and Puss-in-Boots to their respective bodies, their tails remain switched. In the final scenes, though, the tails are normal.

Correction: In an earlier scene Merlin says any changes will wear off, so the tail-switching simply wore off by the final scene.

Corrected entry: In scenes where Pinocchio tells a lie, his nose grows in size. In each subsequent scene, however, the nose has returned to its normal length.

Correction: That's a joke. Or if an explanation is demanded, either a) Pinocchio could have shortened his nose himself in between scenes, with some simple knife work, or b) His nose grows back by itself. As Pinocchio is a magical being, it is impossible to say what his limitations or exact qualities are.


Corrected entry: When Prince Charming asks Pinocchio where Shrek is, Pinocchio says, 'I don't know where he's not.' Considering he knows where Shrek is, he therefore knows where Shrek isn't, which means he is technically lying - but his nose doesn't grow.

Correction: Pinocchio spoke a double negative, so his nose won't grow, because he's not lying. In the broader picture, he knows where Shrek IS, but not where Charming is thinking of searching for Shrek, so he isn't telling Charming specifically where Shrek ISN'T. In other words, he doesn't truthfully know the EXACT spot Shrek is, so he doesn't know exactly where Shrek isn't. By this same logic, he could have simply said, "No, I don't know where Shrek is" and not technically have been lying, but that wouldn't have been as funny.

Corrected entry: Why would Prince Charming send Captain Hook to to kill Shrek if he wanted him to appear in his show?

Correction: He sent Captain Hook to kill Artie and bring Shrek to the show.

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