Immortal Beloved

Factual error: What on earth is the conductor at the premiere of the 9th doing with a baton? This was not used until around 1849, and the premiere of the 9th is in 1824.

David Mercier

Factual error: When the so called "Immortal Beloved" visits Beethoven's grave at the end of the film, it is an 8 foot obelisk, but the original grave was about 2 feet tall, and on the other side of Vienna, in a different cemetery. Beethoven was exhumed in the 1880's and moved to his current location with the 8 foot obelisk, along with Schubert. The woman is visiting a grave which was built 30 years after she died.

David Mercier

Factual error: If you look closely at the stage during the premiere of the 9th symphony, you can see there are no timpani, no brass, very few woodwind, and around 20 strings. Not only would it be impossible to perform the 9th with no timpani and brass, but it is well documented that the contingent of strings at that premiere was at least 56, triple the normal number used and the number shown.

David Mercier

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Trivia: Beethoven never mentioned during his lifetime who was his "Immortal Beloved." The long-debated riddle of her identity was solved beyond reasonable doubt in 1977 by an American musicologist. The woman was identified as Antonie Brentano (1790-1869), the wife of a Frankfurt merchant and a mother of four.


Trivia: Countess Erdody is shown to be playing the violin which is inaccurate as she never did, and a disability (which is also not shown) prevented this. She was however a very able pianist.

David Mercier

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Ludwig van Beethoven: It is the power of music to carry one directly into the mental state of the composer.

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