Immortal Beloved

Trivia: Beethoven never mentioned during his lifetime who was his "Immortal Beloved." The long-debated riddle of her identity was solved beyond reasonable doubt in 1977 by an American musicologist. The woman was identified as Antonie Brentano (1790-1869), the wife of a Frankfurt merchant and a mother of four.


Trivia: Countess Erdody is shown to be playing the violin which is inaccurate as she never did, and a disability (which is also not shown) prevented this. She was however a very able pianist.

David Mercier

Trivia: Gary Oldman, when preparing for the role, asked the director what biographies on Beethoven he should read. The director told him that the only biography needed was Beethoven's music, since it reflected his soul and emotions the best.


Trivia: This is from the bonus features on the DVD: Gary Oldman actually attempted to wear earplugs while playing piano as the deaf musician so as to simulate Beethoven's situation more closely.

Factual error: Despite all the wonderful period instruments, particularly pianos, in this film, the sound coming out of them is that of a modern grand piano, which sounds nothing like the lighter instruments of the time.

David Mercier

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