Dark Phoenix

Factual error: The space shuttle is spinning due to a stuck thruster. In such a case, the spin would be continually increasing as there is no air resistance. The X-Men shoot out of the thruster and the spin stops. Not factual. They would have needed opposite thrusters to stop it. (00:11:55)


Factual error: In the car at the beginning of the movie, Jean uses her telekinetic powers to switch the radio from a station playing "By the time I get to Phoenix" by Glen Campbell to Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London." It's 1975, and Zevon recorded the song only in 1978 (although the song itself had already been written in 1975, other artists played it in live concerts in the Fall of that year). (00:01:30)

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Continuity mistake: After the "standard medical", Hank takes the heart rate monitor off Jean's left wrist and hand asking her how does she feel. She responds "I feel...good", hand raised, and in the next shot she has again the left hand resting on her tummy. (00:20:35)

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Trivia: The third act was completely changed after reshoots. The final battle originally took place in space, and was then relocated to a train.

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Trivia: The soldiers guarding the X-Men on the train are part of the "Mutant Containment Unit", and have "MCU" patches on their arms. Director Simon Kinberg has said while the name wasn't initially intended to connect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he of course recognised the significance of the acronym as soon as the wording was suggested and was happy to make the patches quite prominent as a deliberate nod to the X-Men returning to their parent company.

Trivia: Originally scheduled to be released in November, 2018. The film was pushed back repeatedly for reshoots, eventually landing with a June, 2019 release date.

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Smith: You're special, Jean, and if you stop fighting that force inside you, f you embrace it, you will possess the very power of a God.

Ororo Munroe: Sometimes, you want to believe that people are something that they are not. By the time you realise who they are, it's too late.

Young Jean Grey: They say you can fix me?
Professor Charles Xavier: Jean, you are not broken.

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Question: Some valid reason Mystique dies early? Did Jennifer Lawrence get tired of playing her and wanted out?


Answer: Your guess is correct. Lawrence stated she was done with the franchise after "X-Men: Apocalypse." She jokingly told Simon Kinberg she would return for this film if he directed it, and to her surprise, he was serious about it and held her to it. Fans weren't very keen on her appearances either, because she was definitely phoning it in for the third film, so that may have factored into killing her off early as well.

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More than one actress had played Mystique. Just because Jennifer Lawrence did not want to continue playing that role is not a reason the character would be killed off. They could easily recast another notable actress in the part. I would not be surprised if Mystique is miraculously "resurrected" in a future X-Men film with a new actress.

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Aside from Deadpool, any new X-Men film would be a complete overhaul of the franchise since the characters will be part of the MCU now. You're not wrong about an actor wanting out to not really be a reason to kill off a character, but it doesn't preclude them from doing so either. They might have decided it wouldn't be worth the hassle of recasting the role with all the negative baggage that would come with it.

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Here are some candidates I think could do it: Amanda Seyfried, Shailene Woodley, Chloe Grace Moretz. Heck maybe even Milla Jovovich-Anderson should be given an audition, what say you guys?


Question: Did Raven ever love Charles? They seemingly teased something like this in First Class so I'm merely curious.


Answer: Yes, during the events of First Class it is clear that Raven harbors romantic feelings for Charles, though Charles himself views the relationship as platonic. After meeting Erik, Raven's romantic affections seem to shift to him and Raven views Charles as an adoptive brother. This inadvertently causes something of a rivalry between Erik and Charles when Raven decides to leave with Erik. In Days of Future Past Charles' behavior seems to suggest some romantic feelings for Raven, with Charles expressing jealousy of Erik's relationship with Raven. By the time of Apocalypse, Charles and Raven once again seem to have a strictly platonic relationship which remains in place through Dark Phoenix.


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