Dark Phoenix
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Raven: Charles, what did you do?
Professor Charles Xavier: I had to keep her stable. I protected her.
Raven: From the truth? There's another word for that.

Professor Charles Xavier: She'll kill us all.

Jean Grey: They're right to fear me.

Smith: You're special, Jean, and if you stop fighting that force inside you, f you embrace it, you will possess the very power of a God.

Erik Lehnsherr: The world is on the brink.
Professor Charles Xavier: I'm sorry, I didn't stop this sooner.
Erik Lehnsherr: You're always sorry, Charles. And there's always a speech. But nobody cares.

Ororo Munroe: Sometimes, you want to believe that people are something that they are not. By the time you realise who they are, it's too late.

Young Jean Grey: They say you can fix me?
Professor Charles Xavier: Jean, you are not broken.

Smith: You're special, Jean. And if you stop fighting that force inside you, if you embrace it, you will possess the very power of a god.

Erik Lehnsherr: I've seen evil... and I'm looking at it now.

Jean Grey: I'm scared. And when I lose control, bad things happen to the people I love.

Scott Summers: Tell me how to fix this, Charles! Tell me what to do.
Professor Charles Xavier: I don't know what to do.

Scott Summers: Jean lost control. But she's still our friend.

Factual error: The space shuttle is spinning due to a stuck thruster. In such a case, the spin would be continually increasing as there is no air resistance. The X-Men shoot out of the thruster and the spin stops. Not factual. They would have needed opposite thrusters to stop it. (00:11:55)

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Trivia: The third act was completely changed after reshoots. The final battle originally took place in space, and was then relocated to a train.

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