The Outer Limits

Family Values - S7-E1

Revealing mistake: The eyes of the actor playing Gideon the robot can be seen through the eye slits of the robot mask in some shots.

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Think Like a Dinosaur - S7-E8

Continuity mistake: As Michael and Will discuss killing Kamala, Will's hands are raised in front of him, then the next shot shows them at his side.

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In the Blood - S7-E11

Continuity mistake: During the sonogram of her unborn baby, Callie's hand is open or closed depending on the camera angle.

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Question: Does anyone know who appeared in later seasons as the Outer Limits "Intro Girl"? This question has circulated on the Internet for the last 20 years with no definitive answer. There is unsubstantiated speculation that the Intro Girl was either Diane Venora, Sofia Shinas, or even Paz de la Huerto; however, none of these actresses look anything remotely like the Intro Girl.

Charles Austin Miller

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