Other mistake: Scream Fortress 2014 - Carnival of Carnage: When Marasmus casts the Giant Heads spell, if a player, especially one playing a Heavy, is wearing the Monoculous hat. Which is a large eyeball and lid that replaces the character's head. When this spell is cast, you can see the eyeball mask enlarge, but just the lid part, the purple and white of the eye vanishes completely. This allows you to see the character's head inside it and makes it look more like a space helmet. And then the insides of the eye lid are transparent from the insides, like a one way mirror.

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Bombinomicon: Okay, twist ending guys. Here comes the big twist! I'm an angel, and we're in Heaven! This was a test all along! No, I'm pulling your leg, there is no Heaven. There is Hell in every direction.



Spy: Lag spikes can cause the Spy to automatically undisguise.



Originally, the Short Circuit was designed more as a minigun like weapon that opened up from the Engineer's glove. However, Valve decided to they wanted a less powerful electric based weapon, so the current design is what it was changed to.