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Bug: For the longest time, since they came out with taunting in the game, there has been a glitch where you can move while taunting. A player runs at a ledge and taunts right before they reach the edge. From the player's perspective, the view would switch to third person as it usually does while taunting, but only for a split second before snapping back to first person as the player goes over the edge and they can move unrestricted. And any dialog the character would say while taunting would be cut off. But to any other players watching, it would appear the player's model would continue the taunting animation, but drop off the ledge and be sliding around while taunting. This lead to an exploit as well involving the High Five Taunt that could be held indefinitely, and would throw off the player model's hit box and making it difficult to hit, especially troublesome for snipers. (This glitch has been fixed now as of the update of May 19th, 2014, preparing for the new taunts to be added to prevent exploiting).

Quantom X Premium member

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