Other mistake: The trip back on foot from the nodes for Johns was way too fast, and he likely would not have had enough ammo to handle the entire trip back. From Riddick's perspective, John's left, he cauterized his wounds with some explosive debris, fought several creatures and then ascended the hill continuing to fight creatures. By the time he hit the top of the hill, Johns had made the entire trip on foot, which was long by bike, had Dahl join him, locked in the node, and piloted the ship back to Riddick.

Other mistake: Matthew Nable plays "Boss" Johns, the father of William J. Johns in Pitch Black, who was played by Cole Hauser. But the two actors are only a couple of years apart in age - Nable doesn't look anywhere near old enough to be Hauser's father. Would have made more sense for him to be an older brother.

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Continuity mistake: When Santana is going to open the bloody written locker, he takes the key off his neck, but when he puts the key in the keyhole, it's around his neck again. Some moments later, when he is talking with Johns, the key is off his neck again.

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Riddick: One down... Three down. You see where I'm going with this?

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Question: As the rain comes and the creatures come out and start to damage the station and kill people, why did the entire crew not seek refuge in their ships? Obviously, if the ships were meant for the harshness of space travel and some offensive/defensive capabilities, wouldn't they most likely have provided enough protection from the organic weapons of the creatures? It would make the plot not work but maybe should have been eliminated as a possibility.

Answer: The walls of the settlement are likely to be just as strong as the hulls of the spacecraft. It's likely they are even stronger because the settlement doesn't have to worry about weight limits. Remember also that they had to worry about Riddick hiding and getting the units back.

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