Character mistake: In Pitch Black they established the system they crashed in (M-344/G) had 3 stars. Jack stated it when the 2nd sunrise started, and the solar system model also had 3 stars. In this film when Boss Johns starts asking about M-344/G he's told it is a backwater system with 2 suns and 1 habitable planet.


Other mistake: The trip back on foot from the nodes for Johns was way too fast, and he likely would not have had enough ammo to handle the entire trip back. From Riddick's perspective, John's left, he cauterized his wounds with some explosive debris, fought several creatures and then ascended the hill continuing to fight creatures. By the time he hit the top of the hill, Johns had made the entire trip on foot, which was long by bike, had Dahl join him, locked in the node, and piloted the ship back to Riddick.

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Riddick: One down... Three down. You see where I'm going with this?

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Answer: Earlier in the film when he arrived at the base, he could see the monsters from a distance when the rain came in. That's how he knew.

Gavin Jackson

Answer: Earlier in the movie, they show a pack of the dog-like creatures growling at the creatures in the water. When the rain is visible, his pet starts to growl towards that direction.

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