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Corrected entry: In the scene where Riddick, Johns, and the bad goatee-dude go on the "bikes" to get the missing engine parts (nodes), they travel quite a distance (about two minutes of movie time). After the "bikes' get shot up and are no longer usable, it's not that far at all for Johns to get back. In fact it's just a few steps, and monster free too.

01:03:00 - 01:07:00

Correction: We're just not shown the remainder of his trip back to the base.

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Corrected entry: Shortly after Santana tries to rape Dahl on the station floor, we see a vast amount of blood all over the floor where they had been lying; however, when it's revealed that they are both Ok and Dahl had simply beat him up, only his mouth is bleeding. The amount of blood on the floor was way too much to have come from a split lip.


Correction: His whole face is busted up. He's probably got a gash on his scalp, hidden by his hair. Scalp wounds bleed like crazy.

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Corrected entry: At some point in the movie, it is revealed that Boss Johns, played by Matt Nable is the father of "Pitch Black" character William J. Johns, played by Cole Hauser. Hauser was 24 back when Pitch Black came out, while Nable was 41 when Riddick was released. Since the action of Pitch Black takes place 10 years before this movie, the character of Boss Johns would have been in his early 30's at the time. Did he really have a kid when he was 7?

Correction: You are referring to the real life ages of the actors not the in-movie ages of the characters which was never disclosed. Boss Johns may very well be 41 or 51 for all we know. Artistically speaking, the actors may represent any age they are meant to be in the movie, it would only be a mistake if they look radically older or younger than they're meant to be.

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Riddick: By the way, I love your toes.
Dahl: Oh, really? Predator Pink.
Riddick: Matches your nipples.



In Pitch Black they established the system they crashed in (M-344/G) had 3 stars. Jack stated it when the 2nd sunrise started, and the solar system model also had 3 stars. In this film when Boss Johns starts asking about M-344/G he's told it is a backwater system with 2 suns and 1 habitable planet.