Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Evil is singing "Just the Two of Us", as he says "C'est la vie" Scott walks past him, Dr. Evil looks at him (he walks to the right). Then Dr. Evil turns around about 4 seconds later and Scott is back standing by Frau and Number 2. He couldn't have moved THAT fast. (01:00:30)

Continuity mistake: When Austin has just come back from the future and has been in the party with all the shooting, he and Felicity jump in the car in the middle of the night. One second later there's a back shot inside the car and it's dawn light. Two seconds afterwards they're driving down the road and it's broad daylight. Furthermore, the light changes from sunny, to a bit cloudy in each shot.


Continuity mistake: The distance between Austin and the table when inside the tent differs between the inside and outside shots.


Continuity mistake: When Dr. Evil is demonstrating how his "Death Star" will work, he lines up the "laser" with Washington D.C. Then later on when he is arguing with his son Scott, the "laser" has moved way above Washington D.C.

Continuity mistake: After they defeated Dr.Evil, Austin and Vanessa were married six months later, so the year would have been around mid to late 1997 or early 1998 when they were on there honeymoon. But in the second one, it's 1999 and they are still on their honeymoon. Do you think that they would have had their honeymoon for a year and a half?

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Mini Me shoots Mustafa with the blow-dart he is clearly on the left hand side, yet he hits Mustafa on the right side of his neck.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when Felicity Shagwell is with Austin in the 90's, they are in Austin's new pad. Felicity is wearing a multi-coloured top. After she turns on the lights and all the party goers enter, Felicity goes over to Austin. There, she's wearing a white top. How could she have changed so fast?

Continuity mistake: At the Starbucks headquarters, while they're all explaining the plan about time travelling, the coffe cup next to Austin keeps moving closer/farther away all the time.


Continuity mistake: When Felicity says "You better play it cool. Your friend works for Dr. Evil," both Austin and Felicity are facing the same direction, but at the end of the previous shot you can see them in the distance facing each other.

Continuity mistake: Watch the toppings on the cookie Mini-Me eats in the middle of the movie. Before Number 2 starts to tell Dr. Evil that Mini-Me bites, there is only one chocolate chip (or raisin) on the cookie. When Dr. Evil asks Mini-Me if there is anything he'd like to say, the cookie has more chocolate chips (or raisins).

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Felicity and Austin are dancing in the street whilst Burt Bacerack is singing, there is a couple sitting at a table behind them. The shot keeps changing between the couple and Burt and the lady's handbag keeps changing position and angle between shots.

Continuity mistake: Just at the scene where Ivana and Austin are playing chess - just afterwards when Austin asks her if he "makes her feel horny", and she stands up and confesses she was sent by Dr. Evil, but finds him so sexy, etc, in the long shot showing Austin and Ivana as she is saying that, you see Austin has both hands on table, but in the short cuts of Austin close-up, he has one arm over the chair. These shots continue for a little.

Continuity mistake: All of the short dance numbers that separate scenes, even in the beginning of the movie, show Austin with his "bad" teeth - except for one.

Continuity mistake: Mini-me spits on Austin during their fight on the moon. We never see him clean it off, but it's missing from his face seconds later.


Continuity mistake: In the lab scene (with the coffee gag) Basil looks much younger than he does in the 90s. However, earlier when Basil asked Felicity to plant the homing device on Fat Bastard, he looked the same as he did in the 90s. He should have looked younger both times.

Continuity mistake: When Mini Me is first ejected into space, you see him just flying backwards, yet in the next shot he is rotating freely.

Continuity mistake: When Austin is fighting with Mustafa at the side of the road, we see a red London telephone box. But if you look inside, you can spot a modern day push button phone, which weren't in phone boxes in the 60s.

Continuity mistake: During the first scene of the movie with the robot android, when Austin's been blown up by the explosion, his glasses change from broken to perfect between shots.


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Revealing mistake: During the bedroom scene with Felicity and Fat Bastard you can clearly see the air hose that fills his suit when he rolls over in the bed. (00:49:10)

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Ivana Humpalot: Do you know how we keep warm in Russia?
Austin Powers: Oh ho ho! I can guess, baby.
Ivana Humpalot: We play chess.
Austin Powers: I guessed wrong.

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Question: Once Austin has introduced himself to the two models, and they start photographing, what is the music that is in the background?

Answer: The music is the theme song to the TV show "Charlie's Angels".

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