On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Continuity mistake: When Tracy and Bond are talking in the casino, and Bond tells her to stay on 5, she has her left hand resting against her chin. As she says "people who want to stay alive play it safe" she moves her hand down to the table, but then when the camera cuts back to Bond the reverse shot of her shows her hand still by her chin, and then she moves it down again. (00:13:30)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bond is getting out of Draco's car to visit Gumbold, his tie is neatly within his jacket. He bends over to speak to Draco, and the tie is dangling out of his jacket. In the next shot, he straightens up, and the tie is once again neatly within his jacket.

Plot hole: Bond doesn't take Grant's watch in 'From Russia with love'. How did he get it, so he could have it in his office?

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Plot hole: Blofeld tells Bond that he realised he was not the real Sir Hilary Bray when Bond told him that the Bleuchamp tombs are in the Augsburg Cathedral. Blofeld informs Bond that they are in-fact in the Saint Anna Kirche, and the real Sir Hilary Bray would've known this. However Bond had gotten his information about the Bleuchamp tombs in Augsburg from the real Sir Hilary Bray earlier in the film. (01:19:05)

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Suggested correction: Bond says the cathedral in Augsburg, but the tombs are actually in the Saint Anna Kirsch which is also in Augsburg. Sir Hillary Bray only says Augsburg.

Continuity mistake: As Tracy holds the gun on Bond, as she walks toward the camera she lifts the gun closer to her face, so that it is pointed up. The camera shifts back to Bond and the gun is suddenly pointed at him again. (00:16:30)


Revealing mistake: When Bond and Che (the big black guy) are fighting, Che lands on a rug behind Bond. As he gets up again one can see a brown mat underneath the rug. It's very noticeable by the way it moves as Che pushes himself up. (00:13:55)


Continuity mistake: When Bond is finishing up copying the documents in Gumbold's office, with Gumbold about to return via the elevator, a clock tower is shown at 13:59. Without the shot changing, the hands immediately move to 14:00, but some pigeons nesting on a ledge below abruptly change position. (00:42:58)


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Revealing mistake: When the white race car with the number 6 is turned over there is a closeup shot of the driver obviously hanging head down in his seat. If you look closer you can see the spectators in the background also upside down. (01:47:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Bond started his escape on skis he has laced ski boots. When he throws the guy off the cliff and resumes skiing, he has buckled boots.

Revealing mistake: At the end, when Bond is chasing Blofeld, there is a shot of him hanging onto the edge of a cliff. There is a bit of snow moving up towards him, meaning that this shot is played backwards.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene Tracy overtakes Bond's car on his left side. However, Bond's mirror shows Tracy passing on his right side.

Audio problem: During the car chase with Tracy, after hooking up in Switzerland, she speaks while driving yet her mouth, while open, doesn't move.


Other mistake: In the bobsleigh chase, when a grenade rolls around Blofeld's feet the rear projection FX suddenly swaps from showing a tunnel to showing a landscape going wildly in circles, as if the bobsleigh had crashed. However, on the following shot the bobsleigh is sliding along the tunnel normally and the rear projection plays the tunnel projection as if nothing had happened.

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Continuity mistake: At the casino Bond deals cards to a man on the left. This man's left arm swaps between raised to lowered depending on the shot.

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Continuity mistake: After the bobsleigh chase Bond falls on the snow and a dog approaches. The amount of snow on Bond's coat suddenly decreases between shots.

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Continuity mistake: During the ski chase it starts off with Blofield and five henchmen, after one gets killed by the snow plough they stop and there are now six henchmen when there should be four. Through out the chase all of the long shots only show six in total.

Other mistake: During the stock car race towards the end, the henchmen sitting in the front right of the Mercedes starts shooting out of the window. He shoots forwards, but Bond is on his left with a white Ford Escort in between them. He somehow manages to hit Bond's car - we see it and hear a ricochet. He shoots several times but always directly in front of him. Bond's car is always on the left, continuous scene.

Continuity mistake: When Bond is fighting the villain on the beach in the pre-credits sequence, the two fight in the sea and Bond's hair gets wet in the process. But when Bond says "This never happened to the other fellow" his hair now appears to be completely dry.

Continuity mistake: When Bond and Che are fighting, Che knocks out one of the white wooden bars behind Bond. However, in the next shot, two bars are missing on the upper half of the wooden structure, one on the bottom half. Seconds later, just before Bond throws Che into it, the bottom half of the structure is complete again, and only one bar is missing on the upper half. (00:14:15)


Tracy: You're very sure of yourself, aren't you? Suppose I were to kill you for a thrill.
James Bond: I can think of something more sociable to do.

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Trivia: While Bond is meeting with Sir Hillary, the Bond family motto is briefly mentioned - The World Is Not Enough.

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Question: When Bond saves Tracey in the beginning and she drives off he comments "This never happened to the other fellow". I know this is a joking reference to Sean Connery, but what is Bond supposed to mean within the context of the film? Connery references aside, why would he be saying this?

Answer: It's an entirely intentional aside to the audience, the one occasion in the entire Bond series where the so-called 'fourth wall' (i.e. the cinema screen itself) is broken. As such, within the context of the film itself, it doesn't really have much of a meaning.

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