On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Revealing mistake: When Bond throws a Blofeld henchman off a cliff near Piz Gloria in the Alps you can see that it is a dummy as it's arm swings round and wraps around the whole dummy.

Revealing mistake: When Bond and Che (the big black guy) are fighting, Che lands on a rug behind Bond. As he gets up again one can see a brown mat underneath the rug. It's very noticeable by the way it moves as Che pushes himself up. (00:13:55)


Revealing mistake: While the lab explodes, Blofeld jumps a ditch followed by Bond. Bond's stunt is noticeable because of his longer and light brown coloured hair, as opposed to Bond's very dark colour. (02:11:40)

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Revealing mistake: When the thug is stuck to the spikes on the wall, the protruding safety pad under his clothes is very noticeable.

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Revealing mistake: When the white race car with the number 6 is turned over there is a closeup shot of the driver obviously hanging head down in his seat. If you look closer you can see the spectators in the background also upside down. (01:47:20)

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Revealing mistake: At the end, when Bond is chasing Blofeld, there is a shot of him hanging onto the edge of a cliff. There is a bit of snow moving up towards him, meaning that this shot is played backwards.

Audio problem: In the opening scene, Bond sees Tracy in the ocean and drives his Aston Martin onto the beach to rescue her. When he stops, we hear screeching tyres, but he is driving on sand.

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James Bond: Moneypenny, what would I do without you?
Moneypenny: My problem is that you never do anything with me.

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Trivia: In the scene where Draco is talking to Bond, in Draco's office, look closely at the picture in the portrait frame on the bookcase, in the background. The lady in the picture is Diana Rigg's mother. (Possibly an "in-joke" by the Bond production team?)

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Answer: It's ambiguous. Most likely both were targeted to be killed.

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