On Her Majesty's Secret Service
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Tracy: You're very sure of yourself, aren't you? Suppose I were to kill you for a thrill.
James Bond: I can think of something more sociable to do.

Tracy: You're hurting me.
James Bond: I thought that was the idea for tonight.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld: I've taught you to love chickens, to love their flesh, their voice.

Draco: She likes you, I can see it.
James Bond: You must give me the name of your oculist.

James Bond: Tracy, I was always taught that mistakes should be remedied, especially between friends - or lovers.

Draco: My apologies for the way you were brought here. I wasn't sure you'd accept a formal invitation.
James Bond: There's always something formal about the point of a pistol.

Draco: Do not kill me, Mr. Bond. At least not until we've had a drink. And if you wish, I'll give you another chance.

James Bond: Now, when we authorize a coat of arms, it can include all sorts of funny things: crescent moons, portcullis, beasts, cochons, rampants, bars, bezants.
Nancy: Please, what is bezants?
James Bond: Gold balls. I brought a book on the subject with me. There's a picture of my own coat of arms, actually - which includes four of them. If you'd care to see them.
Ruby: I'd love to.

Sir Hilary Bray: Our methods are very exacting. We never like to speak until we're absolutely certain that there can be no possibility of error on our side or... forgery on anyone else's.
James Bond: I hope I can live up to your high standards.

James Bond: Moneypenny, what would I do without you?
Moneypenny: My problem is that you never do anything with me.

Revealing mistake: When Bond throws a Blofeld henchman off a cliff near Piz Gloria in the Alps you can see that it is a dummy as it's arm swings round and wraps around the whole dummy.

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Trivia: All of the guards at the clinic on the mountain have the Olympic rings on their orange track suit tops.

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Answer: It's ambiguous. Most likely both were targeted to be killed.

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