Nothing to Lose

Other mistake: When T. jumps through the rear window of Nick's van he falls on the street but rolls the wrong way, against any laws of physics. (01:21:05)


Other mistake: The tape of Nick and Terrance's robbery is being reviewed, and somehow no one recognizes Nick's voice, his build, or the suit he has on.

Other mistake: In the scene where T. is balanced on the railing and you see Nick's reflection in the window his mouth is moving while only T. is talking. (00:15:35)


Other mistake: When Nick comes back to the hotel room after his encounter with Danielle and the elevator stops, he sees the two robbers walking by (not even looking at the open elevator) and enter another elevator which has stopped a moment later. Since this is the top floor of the hotel (as can be seen later) the logic elevator control wouldn't have sent another cabin to this level as Nick's was already on the way up. (01:15:00)


Other mistake: Shortly after Nick takes off with T. he is heading for a truck from which a pallet with paper is being unloaded. The pallet blocks the whole space between the truck and the building, but when the camera angle changes to the other side, truck and pallet are shifted away from the building that there is enough room for Nick's van to zip through. (00:12:55)


Other mistake: In the scene where Tim Robbins confronts the two criminals to regain the money, he manages to shoot the gun out of the criminal's hand with a shotgun and inflict no other damage.

Other mistake: When Nick rams the bad guys car, the other driver reacts as being hit prior to impact.

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Continuity mistake: When T. has robbed a gas station, the hillbilly that owns the gas station breaks one of the mirrors of the car with a shotgun blast, and he even smashes the back window of the car. But when they are driving off there is one shot where the mirror is miraculously back in a perfect condition while the back window is still broken. In all later scenes the mirror is dangling down. (00:24:10)

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T. Paul: I'm a student of human nature.
Nick Beam: You're a freak of human nature.

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