Nothing to Lose

Continuity mistake: When the two criminals are chasing Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence on the highway, they pull up beside them and the white criminal throws his cigarette at Tim Robbins, but in the next scene he has the cigarette back in his mouth. (00:39:50)

Continuity mistake: At the gas station with the hillbilly, the gas nozzle that Nick puts in his car when he is thinking of his wife is first red, then black, and then just silver. (00:22:20)

Continuity mistake: When T. has robbed a gas station, the hillbilly that owns the gas station breaks one of the mirrors of the car with a shotgun blast, and he even smashes the back window of the car. But when they are driving off there is one shot where the mirror is miraculously back in a perfect condition while the back window is still broken. In all later scenes the mirror is dangling down. (00:24:10)

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Trivia: When Martin Lawrence introduces Tim Robbins to his wife, he calls him "The Player", which is another of Tim Robbins' films.

T. Paul: I'm a student of human nature.
Nick Beam: You're a freak of human nature.

Rig: I bet you sold more girl scout cookies than any other member of the whole troop, didn't you? What were you calling yourself back then? Yelanda? You little bitch! Cynthia? Susan? What was it, I can't remember.

T. Paul: What is beetle headed?
Nick Beam: It's a synonym for stupid.
T. Paul: Oh. Well, here's a synonym for procreation: fuck you! It's easy for you to point the finger when you're sitting on your rich ass in a big fucking house.
Nick Beam: I'm not rich.
T. Paul: Oh yeah? How big's your TV?
Nick Beam: What?
T. Paul: I said how big's your TV?
Nick Beam: 50 inch.
T. Paul: Ah, get in the car.
Nick Beam: Please, let's not make this a social issue.

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