Nothing to Lose

Continuity mistake: When the two criminals are chasing Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence on the highway, they pull up beside them and the white criminal throws his cigarette at Tim Robbins, but in the next scene he has the cigarette back in his mouth. (00:39:50)

Continuity mistake: At the gas station with the hillbilly, the gas nozzle that Nick puts in his car when he is thinking of his wife is first red, then black, and then just silver. (00:22:20)

Continuity mistake: When T. has robbed a gas station, the hillbilly that owns the gas station breaks one of the mirrors of the car with a shotgun blast, and he even smashes the back window of the car. But when they are driving off there is one shot where the mirror is miraculously back in a perfect condition while the back window is still broken. In all later scenes the mirror is dangling down. (00:24:10)

Continuity mistake: After the run-in with Nick, T. Paul and the other two criminals, T. Paul ends up shooting the tire of the criminals' car, and they exit, leaving the criminals stranded. The criminals end up stealing an English guy's car, but when they catch up with Nick and T. Paul after they've robbed Nick's boss, they are driving their old, beat up, and supposedly punctured car.

Other mistake: When T. jumps through the rear window of Nick's van he falls on the street but rolls the wrong way, against any laws of physics. (01:21:05)


Plot hole: The policeman survives a frontal crash into the hillbilly's truck at full speed without as much a scratch. (00:24:40)


Continuity mistake: At the very end, Nick puts the last of Mama's mustard on his hot dog, but when he takes a bite, there is no mustard on it.

Factual error: In the scene where Martin Lawrence robs the gas station, the attendant runs out and shoots off the side-view mirror with a shotgun. Notice that the gun blast does no other damage. Not possible with that type of weapon as evidenced by the huge hole blasted in the back window of Nick's SUV only minutes later in the chase.

Continuity mistake: Nick's shoes catch on fire about half way through the movie. At the end of the movie when Nick and Terrance face off against Charlie and the other guy (from Platoon), his shoes are fine.

Visible crew/equipment: When the security guard gets out of the elevator he does some fancy tricks with his torch. When you look in slow motion you see the pivot that keeps the torch in place. (01:03:00)


Continuity mistake: When Danielle sits down next to Nick at the bar her curly hair is hanging loose over her temples. When they drink her hair is gelled back in a rather strange way. (01:09:45)


Other mistake: The tape of Nick and Terrance's robbery is being reviewed, and somehow no one recognizes Nick's voice, his build, or the suit he has on.

Factual error: On their way through the desert Nick and T. cross the Arizonian border. Shortly after that you see Joshua trees left and right. Joshua trees, at least in such abundance, are only found in Joshua Tree National Park, which lies in California. (00:14:20)


Continuity mistake: Before Nick and T. check in at the Royal hotel there is an outside shot where there are no railings on the balcony walls. However, in all later shots there are railings. (01:06:55 - 01:15:45)


Revealing mistake: When Nick tells T. that he wants to give the money back they start fighting. Nick's sleeve gets almost ripped off, but before this happens you can see that the sleeve is stitched on rather loosely. (01:21:25)


Continuity mistake: When the hillbilly shoots by mistake at the police car the windshield suffers four or five neat bullet holes in a circle. When the guy looks through the windshield there is one big round hole. (00:24:55)


Other mistake: In the scene where T. is balanced on the railing and you see Nick's reflection in the window his mouth is moving while only T. is talking. (00:15:35)


Continuity mistake: When Nick tries to open the door to his company he enters a four-digit code. When he tries again he presses only three keys. (00:59:45)


T. Paul: That mask sweaty?
Nick Beam: I think that's the one.
T. Paul: I hid it behind my balls. Ha ha.

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