Nothing to Lose

Continuity mistake: When T is saying to Nick what he would have done in Nick's situation, he has grass in his hair that is constantly moving.

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Continuity mistake: When being chased, the 4x4 gets damaged down one side. When leaving from the heist, it is fine.

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Revealing mistake: Nick sprays T.'s eyes with mace, but a few seconds later, when they approach a red light at full speed, T. opens his eyes wide and they are not even red. (00:13:35)


Continuity mistake: When Nick gets back to the hotel room the robbers have left T. sitting on a chair, precariously balanced on the railing of the balcony, held back only by a bedsheet whose other end is stuck between the balcony doors. Only a small tip of the bedsheet sticks out right next to the spherical doorknob, but a few shots later there is a close-up where a larger tip sticks out and the doorknob is flat. (01:15:20 - 01:16:25)


Continuity mistake: When Nick and T. chase the two robbers to get their money back there are two tidy wads of notes stuck under the right sun visor. At a wider camera angle the money isn't there, but when it cuts back there are even three wads, and the middle one is rather crumpled. (01:17:45)


T. Paul: That mask sweaty?
Nick Beam: I think that's the one.
T. Paul: I hid it behind my balls. Ha ha.

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Trivia: When Martin Lawrence introduces Tim Robbins to his wife, he calls him "The Player", which is another of Tim Robbins' films.

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