North by Northwest

Other mistake: The second bus in the scene before the crop duster has no license plate.


Other mistake: When Cary Grant steps down from the bus from Chicago prior to the crop-duster scene, naturally the bus is heading away from his departure point. Later, when he hijacks the car to effect his getaway, he makes a U-turn so that, instead of returning to Chicago, he is heading in the opposite direction.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Eve writes on the note pad she doesn't write enough. Later you can see much more to the address. (01:20:50 - 01:25:15)

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Roger Thornhill: I don't like the way Teddy Roosevelt is looking at me.

Cubs Fan
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Trivia: Alfred Hitchcock's cameo comes at the end of the opening credits. He can be seen missing the bus.

Jack's Revenge
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Question: Why do the kidnappers take Thornhill to the Townsend home and pretend to be Lester Townsend and members of his household? They could have taken him to some obscure place instead, at less risk of being found out.

Answer: More than likely, they felt that Roger would be dead and they would not be found out. The fact that he survives their DUI plot and returns to the house with the police only serves to makes him look more suspicious and guilty. It's to move the plot along, nothing more.

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