Nine to Five

Character mistake: When Frank's wife comes to his office she talks about a 4 week cruise. When the ladies come in together after their fun night one of them says his wife is going on a 2 month vacation.

Continuity mistake: When the ladies are speeding down the streets, on the way to the hospital, Jane Fonda's coat belt hangs out the bottom of the door, or isn't there, depending on the shot.

Michael Barrows
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Violet Newstead: What could we use to keep Hart quiet?
Judy Bernly: Blackmail?
Violet Newstead: Blackmail, oh that sounds good! What could we get on him...?
Judy Bernly: A sex scandal! Take a picture of him in bed with a prositute.
Doralee Rhodes: No, who'd care?
Violet Newstead: Yeah, Hart would just buy up all the copies and then distribute them as Christmas cards.

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