Nine to Five

Visible crew/equipment: After Hart 'knocks' the pencil cup off his desk, Doralee bends down to pick them up and he walks around to 'help' her. They are both on their knees. As they start to get back up, the very tip of the boom mic can be seen just above their heads, along with a faint shadow on the wall of the camera guy.

Audio problem: When the three ladies (Violet, Judy, Doralee) are at the hospital standing at the phone booth, Violet is digging through her purse for some change to make a call and asks Judy if she has any. Their voices sound echoey, indicating the scene was possibly shot on a sound stage and Doralee's line sounds a tad choppy.

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Doralee Rhodes: You know... I just don't get it, Dwayne.
Dwayne Rhodes: What's that, honey?
Doralee Rhodes: I'm as nice as I know how to be to every single person in that office. Everyone treats me like a... bastard at a family reunion.

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