The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

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Corrected entry: When Noris is running through a museum, he says that it is the Museum of Modern Art when, in fact, he is running through the Natural History Museum.


Correction: It is the Museum of Modern Art as it is supposed to be.

Corrected entry: When David & Elise are walking down the street in the last scene, there is a woman filming them on her cell phone in a passing car. (01:38:50)

Correction: David is in the running to become a US senator. It's very likely he is photographed or filmed almost wherever he goes. And the woman with the camera might even have an ulterior motive since he's not married - tabloids will be willing to pay good money for a scoop on an unknown romance (or potential scandal).


Corrected entry: In the scene where David chases down the taxi and the taxi gets hit by another car, he is wearing an American Flag pin on the left side of his suit coat. You can see it when he looks into the cab and asks the driver if he is alright. When David is shown giving a statement to the officer, he is no longer wearing the pin.


Correction: There's been enough time elapsed for the police to arrive and for them to begin questioning people. Ample time to remove the pin.


Corrected entry: David Norris runs for Senate in 2006 and loses. 3 years and 11 months later he is shown to run for Senate again, but that can not be correct. One term for a senator is 6 years, so he couldn't have been able to run for senator again for another two years beyond that.


Correction: Politicians begin campaigning long before an election is due. At 3 years 11 months, he has just announced he is seeking election. His campaigning then is with supporters to earn funds to run the campaign.


Corrected entry: Matt Damon is sitting on a chair in a large warehouse with men from bureau. His hands are secured together. He runs and attempts to escape. They trip him and drag him back to chair. His hands are no longer secured together.

Correction: In his flee attempt it is shown he throws off his restraints, which aren't much more than some sort of band. Previous to his attempt, while the guys from the bureau are talking he's fiddling about with his restraints, probably loosening them up.

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