The Adjustment Bureau

David abandons Elise to protect her from the adjustment bureau. Almost a year later and Harry, the rogue member of the bureau, gives David his hat that allows him to open doors to random places. Together, they orchestrate a plan to get to Elise on the day of her wedding. David catches up to her and confesses his love for her and also reveals the bureau's existence to her. He takes her with him to the offices of the bureau and they end up at the top of a building with the bureau chasing them. Thet admit that they love each other and kiss and as they part, the memvers of the bureau are gone. Harry tells them that the Chairman rewrote "The Plan" so that David and Elise can be together. They now have free will and are no longer bound by the "Plan". They walk through the streets of New York and pass by several members of the adjustment bureau who leave them alone.


Other mistake: When David Norris is first trained in using the doors he is told to turn the handle clockwise yet one of the first doors he uses is a "push bar" door that can't be turned at all.

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Harry Mitchell: Being earlier is just as bad as being late.

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Trivia: During the end credits, there is a section entitled special thanks - the first thanks goes to 'The Chairman' (the unseen boss of the Adjustment Bureau) , followed by the City of New York.

Jeff Walker
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Question: Since David was a politician, couldn't Elise have just looked him up?

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