The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

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After losing an important congressional election, senator David Norris (Matt Damon) meets a mysterious woman Elise (Emily Blunt) in the bathroom who inspires him to go against the norm and give an inspiring speech to his supporters. Later, he runs into her on the bus and she gives him her number. But Davis is then captured by people known only as the adjutment bureau who control people according to "The Plan" and tell David that he is never to see Elise again. If he disobeys, or reveals their existence to anyone, they will "reset" his brain, leaving him with no consciousness whatsoever.


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Harry Mitchell: Being earlier is just as bad as being late.



After meeting Elise on the bus and getting his Blackberry dumped into his coffee David Norris calls his friend Charlie with his "spare phone" (silver). But after a cut or two you can see that he uses his BlackBerry again. So he has changed the phone during the conversation AND his coffee BlackBerry seems to be working again.



During the end credits, there is a section entitled special thanks - the first thanks goes to 'The Chairman' (the unseen boss of the Adjustment Bureau) , followed by the City of New York.