Other mistake: In the end credits, the cast is meant to be in order of appearance. When it gets to Victoria's credit, it states that Alexander Dunning appears next in the movie. Another 4 people after this reads Cooper's family appears. This is wrong. Victoria appears. A few minutes after this, Cooper is shown at his house and watches his kids sleeping. In the scene after Alexander Dunning appears for the first time in the movie. For the credits to be in order of appearance correctly, it would have to be Victoria - Cooper's Daughter - Cooper's Son - Alexander Dunning. (01:41:15)

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Factual error: In the very first shot of the movie, a clock is shown ticking. The time on the clock reads 05:59:56. It is obviously AM because a few seconds later at 06:00:00, Frank wakes up as if it was morning. As Frank sits up, clear daylight is visible outside of the window. This scene is supposed to be set during winter. We know this because there are many Christmas decorations. Since this is meant to be winter, it should still be dark at that time of day. (00:00:40)

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Frank Moses: Kordeski trained you?
William Cooper: Yeah?
Frank Moses: I trained Kordeski.

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Trivia: Frank Moses' file, seen when Cooper is told he is his next target, gives Frank's date of birth as March 19, 1955. This is Bruce Willis' date of birth. (00:15:00)

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