Corrected entry: Fourteen minutes in, Agent William Cooper is talking on his cell phone, calmly discussing family matters (presumably with his wife) as he plants incriminating evidence in the home of a man he is about to assassinate. His Bluetooth headset is in his left ear. For a few seconds at about 14:25, the headset is suddenly in his right ear, then it flips back to his left ear.


Correction: The earpiece appears on the other ear because it is a reflection in the mirror after placing the fingerprint.

Corrected entry: Frank puts up Christmas decorations, yet he gets a pension check for March.

Correction: We learn later in the film he had called pension services 22 times. He had obviously been tearing up checks for months.

Corrected entry: When Helen Mirren fires the Browning .50 cal machine gun in the garage, it shows no recoil at all. Later the machine gun is rigged to fire by itself to fool the attackers. Again, there is no recoil whatsoever, the machine gun stands still on its tripod without jumping away or at least rattle and shake as it would be expected to. It is also doubtful that the Browning .50 cal could fire sustained for such a long time without glowing and causing a stoppage.


Correction: The gun is bolted to the floor to prevent this. Her partner is seen with an impact driver setting it up.

Corrected entry: When Frank is in the vault and the old file keeper tells him someone was asking for his file, Frank describes the guy as 6'1", etc. Frank has never seen the guy standing. Their only meeting to date was the police car SUV gunfight where he didn't stand up until they had fled the scene and the police arrest the assassin.

Correction: He may not have seen him standing, but it is not hard at all to estimate a persons height. especially for someone who was trianed.


Corrected entry: At the end, Frank says they have no one chasing them anymore as Cooper will clean it all up. The Vice-President was murdered and there are hundreds of witnesses including Secret Service agents who saw Frank and his crew at the crime scene. Not to mention security cameras which must have caught a good portion of the action.

Correction: Cooper isn't going to simply brush it all under a rug. Frank is simply telling the gang that they themselves will no longer be hunted as Cooper will be sure the blame lay elsewhere.

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Corrected entry: Listen closely to the scene where Sara opens the can of beer. Two small clicks are heard, but no loud snap or gushing noise as you hear when you open a beer or soda. It would appear that the prop team opened the can for her probably to prevent a broken nail and she just flipped the tab back and forth to seem like she opened it. The foley people don't add any sounds to compensate either.

Correction: I know a LOT of people that do not open the cut out section all the way across the seam. They just open it enough to let the drink out. The seam tearing is what makes the loud snapping sound. As for gushing, if the can was settled there'd be no gushing sound at all. She didn't shake it up before she opened it.

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Corrected entry: When Sarah comes home from her date, she opens a fresh can of corona. After two sips from it, she throws the empty can at Moses.

Correction: There is nothing whatsoever to indicate that the can is empty.

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Corrected entry: Upon receiving documents from Henry, the Records Keeper, inside the vault, agent Cooper turns and immediately makes a phone call while still inside the vault.Given the location of the vault as it is shown in the movie and the fact it is a vault, it is highly unlikely a signal would get through.


Correction: "Highly unlikely" is not a movie mistake. Since the movie depicts him making the call you would have to prove that the signal could not get out of the vault for it to be a mistake.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce Willis is retrieving files from the Depository but doesn't have the code, he kicks a hole in the wall and reaches through it to open the door from the inside. In the next shot, when he's in the room, there is no hole beside the door.

Correction: He does not open the door from the other side. he kicks a hole in the wall to "hotwire" the door to open. He did not kick all the way through.


Corrected entry: In an early scene, Bruce Willis' alarm clock goes off at 6 a.m., however, in the very next scene, a wall clock shows the time as 7 a.m.

Correction: And he's also wearing completely different clothes. Obviously, some time has passed.

Factual error: In the very first shot of the movie, a clock is shown ticking. The time on the clock reads 05:59:56. It is obviously AM because a few seconds later at 06:00:00, Frank wakes up as if it was morning. As Frank sits up, clear daylight is visible outside of the window. This scene is supposed to be set during winter. We know this because there are many Christmas decorations. Since this is meant to be winter, it should still be dark at that time of day. (00:00:40)

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Marvin Boggs: Frank, I never thought I'd say this again. I'm getting the pig!

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Trivia: Frank Moses' file, seen when Cooper is told he is his next target, gives Frank's date of birth as March 19, 1955. This is Bruce Willis' date of birth. (00:15:00)

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