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Marvin Boggs: Frank, I never thought I'd say this again. I'm getting the pig!


Frank Moses: Kordeski trained you?
William Cooper: Yeah?
Frank Moses: I trained Kordeski.


Frank Moses: If anything happens to Sarah, I will rip everything you love out of your life and then I'll kill you.


Victoria: I was in love with an agent once.
Sarah Ross: What happened?
Victoria: Well, I was with MI6, and the relationship wasn't... Sanctioned. So when it came to light, my loyalty was questioned, and I was ordered to kill him. It was a test.
Sarah Ross: What did you do?
Victoria: I put three bullets in his chest.


Assassin: That's right, old man!
Marvin Boggs: Old man?
Frank Moses: No respect.
Marvin Boggs: Can I kill her now?


Alexander Dunning: You don't have any idea what you're getting into. First of all, you can't touch me.
Joe Matheson: Sure we can [slaps him].


Sarah Ross: Frank said you wanted me with you.
Victoria: Yes I though it might be nice to have a bit of girl time together. You know, get to know each other. And I just wanted to tell you that in all the years I've known Francis, I've never seen him like this. So if you break his heart, I will kill you and bury your body in the woods.
Sarah Ross: Wow! OK.


Marvin Boggs: I remember the Secret Service being tougher.
Victoria: Me too.


Frank Moses: I was just hoping you'd be a little more understanding of the situation.
Sarah Ross: I was hoping not to get kidnapped. Or drugged. I was hoping you'd have *hair*. So it looks like none of our dreams are coming true at the moment.

Marvin Boggs: Old man, my ass!

William Cooper: Bad move, grandpa.

William Cooper: How's retirement, Frank?
Frank Moses: It's been a real blast.

Factual error: In the very first shot of the movie, a clock is shown ticking. The time on the clock reads 05:59:56. It is obviously AM because a few seconds later at 06:00:00, Frank wakes up as if it was morning. As Frank sits up, clear daylight is visible outside of the window. This scene is supposed to be set during winter. We know this because there are many Christmas decorations. Since this is meant to be winter, it should still be dark at that time of day. (00:00:40)

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Suggested correction: At the beginning of the movie it's September or early October if latest in the year. At Cleveland's latitude there's enough sunlight at 6am to experience such lighting through a window facing south.

First, what in the film places the opening scene in Sept or Oct? There's too much snow on the ground for it to be either of those months (it doesn't snow in September and rarely in October, but only late October). Second, even if it was set in October, the sun doesn't rise until around 7:30AM or 8:00AM.


I disagree. I think what Bishop73 wrote above is correct. The opening scene at 6:00 AM showed daylight, which would be too early for October, November, and December in Ohio. The movie apparently begins in December based on the amount of Christmas decorations in the neighborhood. Sunrise might be between 7:30 - 8:00 AM and twilight is about 30 minutes prior to sunrise. It simply would not be that light out at 6:00 AM.

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Trivia: Frank Moses' file, seen when Cooper is told he is his next target, gives Frank's date of birth as March 19, 1955. This is Bruce Willis' date of birth. (00:15:00)

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Question: On Frank's nightstand there is a clock. On this clock, the word "NO" is seen above the seconds. What is the "NO" supposed to mean? (00:00:40 - 00:06:55)

Chosen answer: The 'No' is supposed to show that there is no alarm set on the clock.

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