The Mummy Returns

Continuity mistake: Right after the sun rises on the Scorpion King's pyramid, the following scene, which is approx. ten seconds later, the sun is directly overhead, then the shadows change lengths. (01:34:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Imhotep is hanging off the ledge at the end, he yells to his woman to help him. After she leaves, he starts to cry. They show him crying and hanging on with his right forearm on the ledge, then it cuts to a shot of Rick and Evie, then back to Imhotep, but now he is using his left forearm to support himself. Potentially he could have swapped arms, but he doesn't show any sign of having shifted his weight, and it happens really quickly. (01:57:15)

Other mistake: During the fight scene in Seti's throne room, several times Anck and Nefertiri magically switch places. For instance in the scene where they are fighting Anck appears in front of Nefertiri to hit her in the face followed by Nefertiri kicking her.

Factual error: The dynamite Rick destroys the log bridge with appears to damage a very localised area. It makes a very narrow, clean cut down the centre, when any explosive you place on a log would naturally cause a wider area of damage to the top than the bottom.

Factual error: When Rick uses dynamite to destroy the log bridge, the log snaps several seconds after the explosion has gone off. The force of the blast would snap it instantaneously.

Continuity mistake: After they've kidnapped Alex on Tower bridge, they raise it to aid their getaway. The next shot is of Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun standing looking over the city from a balcony - you can see the bridge, and it's lowered. You might think that that shot takes place a while afterwards, and the bridge has since been lowered, but then it goes back to Rick and Evie, and you can both see and hear the bridge lowering back into place.

Continuity mistake: After the cast makes a getaway on the double decker bus, the little kid jumps on John's back and says, "Nice job." When the shot cuts, he is still there. In the next shot, the bus is pulling over to the side of the road and the boy is not on John's back anymore.

Continuity mistake: When one of the men in red is looking at the pygmy in the tree, the pygmy's face is looking up slightly (right before the first man is attacked) and has his mouth relatively open. But, right before it wakes up, its head is slightly down, and the mouth is less open than it was before.

Other mistake: How would Alex know that Imhotep's water wall took out his parents? The matter of distance is debatable. But, the winding path that the dirigible took though the canyon, as well last the water wall, would block his vision.

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Suggested correction: He doesn't know for certain, but given the swagger with which Imhotep walks towards him afterwards, he's pretty justified in fearing the worst.

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Continuity mistake: When Rick turns around finds Alex, Alex falls back and his hat falls off and rolls back a few inches, resting a few inches from the top of his head. However, after Rick says his name, it cuts back to Alex and the hat is practically under his head, almost behind his back.

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Continuity mistake: When Alex is on the train talking to Imhotep. His brown jacket is first worn but then its very snugly (depending on the shot.) This is most noticeable when he tells Imhotep that his dad is going to kick the mummy's arse. (00:53:50)


Continuity mistake: When Rick jumps off the dirigible to save Evy after she has the visions, he is holding onto the railing. However, in the next shot, Jonathan and Ardeth are the ones holding onto Rick.

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Imhotep controls the water and raises it up he starts with straight arms, as shown in the shot with his back facing the camera. However in the next several shots showing him from the front he has bent arms, then straight arms from the back again.


Continuity mistake: When Imhotep is talking to Alex O'Connell on the train through the black mask, his teeth are perfectly white and straight. A few seconds later, when Imhotep takes the mask off to show Alex, his teeth are like the mummy's - brown, green, jagged, and decayed.

Factual error: During the vision of killing the pharaoh Seti I, When Nefertiti called the pharaoh's guards to save him, and after Evelyn jumped off the magic carpet, the guards shout in Arabic " Yalla ya reggala!" This means in English "Hurry up men!" No one in Egypt was speaking Arabic in this period of history. They should had shouted in Ancient Egyptian, not Arabic. (01:11:31)

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Other mistake: Rick's son screams for him during the rescue from the pygmies and Imhotep, but how did Alex know his dad was running in to save him, if he thought they were killed by Imhotep during the river consuming the ship in midair?

Other mistake: When they are flying the dirigible through the night you can cleary see that there is a repeated pattern in the stars.

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Trivia: When the pygmies fall into the river after they blow up the bridge, look closely. As the right hand end falls into the ravine, one end is glowing from the blast, and one of the pygmies climbs on top of it and rides it down, hand waving, exactly like the scene from "Dr. Strangelove, or How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb". Must be deliberate, and definitely worth a look.

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Question: After Alex translates the hieroglyphs as "This way to Scorpion King," Jonathan quietly responds by saying "It's just my work." What exactly did he mean by that? He's not a translator of ancient Egyptian like his sister Evie, so I don't think he literally meant "work" as his profession.

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Chosen answer: He says, "this just might work" meaning he and Alex trying to bring Evie back using the book of the dead.

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